3 infallible exercises to improve posture

Keeping the body in the correct position is not only aesthetic, it is important for short- and long-term health. He learns more.

Enjoy Body position It has multiple health benefits such as Avoid pain, injuries and diseases. So, in Financial fieldWe come to you 3 exercises Simple ones that prevent hunchbacks and can be done while you go about your daily activities.

What types of body positions are there?

There are two types of situations:

  • the Dynamic posture indicates how It movessuch as when walking, dancing, or bending to pick up something.
  • the Fixed position So it remains when Not MovingFor example, when sitting, standing, or sleeping.


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The key to correcting bad posture is Strengthen – Strengthens Stretch your upper back musclesAnd the chest and middle (abdominal and lumbar muscles, pelvic muscles, buttocks, and deep muscles of the spine).

3 simple exercises to improve body posture

Performing exercises to improve our posture is an essential thing that not only contributes to our lives Physical appearance and self-confidencebut it plays an essential role in Preventing joint, muscle and bone injuries.

Along these lines, here are some easy exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help improve your posture:

  • Chest breathingBreathing exercises are a great way to start improving your posture and Reduce muscle tension. You should first sit with your legs crossed, then contract your stomach, and finally keep your back straight.
  • Shoulder movementWith this exercise, the shoulders must be brought back, the chest should be highlighted, and the back should be straight. Then place your fingertips on each shoulder and begin moving your arms back and forth.
  • Chest expansion: You first extend one arm over the edge of a wall or door, then lean forward by slightly rotating your torso. You should maintain this position for a few seconds and repeat it with the other arm.

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