“Forget that, it is a surprise.”

Platinum Games’ co-founder does not provide details about the game, although he does offer hints about potential announcements in 2021.

Evolution to Bayonetta 3 It’s one of the most painful things for fans of the saga and users of the Nintendo Switch. The match was announced at the ceremony Game Awards 2017. Therefore, we only see a short teaser with the game’s logo. Since then, nothing more. Every time you ask Hideki kamiaTitle Director on the state of development does not say much. Or is it limited to Repeat the data for the previous year. Although now the Japanese creator throws a pitcher of cold water.

Kamia asks fans to reset and forget about the gameIn an interview with VGC, Co-founder of Platinum games Asked about the new installment of the Witch of Umbra Tournament. Although he said so a few days ago Her intention was to present the news in 2021Now, he doesn’t make it too clear: “It’s not really in our position to say something but we’re in January, right? There are so many days of the year“All we know now is that,” Kamiya says He goes on a good road.

The interviewers tried, as usual, to get news about Bayonetta 3 from the main person in charge, especially given this. Fans have been suffering from a lack of news for more than three years. And that’s when he made some surprising statements that could sadden the followers of the saga:

Bayonetta 3 image

“I understand the fans are going crazy! My suggestion is that maybe we should restart and forget about Bayonetta 3. So when something happens, it would be a pleasant surprise, right? That way, the creator isn’t saying the game will be canceled, says Kamia. Rather, it seems that he wants the fans to forget that he’s in so they are happier when we hear about the project again.

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Upcoming Platinum Games

Platinum Games is involved in many projects today. Recently, Kamiya himself spoke about A game will be presented From acquaintances Platinum 4And that it would be “something smaller, but will appeal to the crowd.” In addition to the aforementioned Bayonetta 3, which it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer, the Japanese studio is also working on Babylon Fall, About which there are not very many details for a long time; And the Symmetric yoke, The remake of the saga premiere, which will arrive in April on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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