How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

By default, the messaging service app doesn’t allow you to hide when you’re online, but to change that you can use the app’s settings to tweak that condition.

To hide ‘Online’ status for The WhatsApp It should be clarified that this function is used to show that the user is online while using the application. At this point, your account shows an online status to everyone, whether they are contacts or complete strangers. It’s a public country, so anyone can see it.

The app considers that someone stops going online when the app closes on its own, either naturally due to the device’s battery saving system or because the app is forced to close. On the other hand, if the app is closed manually, the online status will disappear automatically.

When the user is offline, it depends on other privacy settings, the hour last contact. This data changes and you choose to be visible to everyone, your contacts, or no one.

If the time of the last connection is disabled, then once WhatsApp is in the disconnected state, nothing is displayed under the username. If this function is activated, other users will be able to see it and know when it was last connected.


How to hide the last connection time

If you want to hide the last connection time, users should go to WhatsApp settings, then Account and select Privacy, once in this option, touch Last. Once and change the setting to None.

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