How to hide online status

The messaging platform has opened up the possibility for those who have the beta version of the app.

The WhatsApp Continue on the path of incremental improvement of its comprehensive policy aggregate. It’s no secret, because the instant messaging app has already made this declaration of intent on multiple occasions and on forums. This time there is news about the announcement Stealth mode.

Since its inception, the platform protects users’ calls and personal messages with Default end-to-end encryptionso only the corresponding recipient can hear or see it.

But WhatsApp wants to go one step further. The platform already allows some users Hide online status when they want it.

The option is available to people who have installed a file beta. This means that not all users can enjoy this update, only those who are part of it test program. The wait will not be long, because it is expected to reach all devices in a short time.

WhatsApp: functions to improve security

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Hiding online status is the latest announcement from WhatsApp, regarding privacy.

Over the years, a messaging app has been included New levels of privacy protection– Self-destructing temporary messages, end-to-end encrypted backups for when you want to save your chat history, 2-step verification for added security, and the ability to block and report random chats.

Other privacy features have been added to the new list. For example, this is already possible Quietly leave groups. Since August, only administrators receive these notifications. no body else.

WhatsApp also allows screenshot blocking for single-view messages, although this feature is still being tested and the company hopes it will be available to users soon.

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WhatsApp: How to Hide “Online” Status

Photo: EFE
Photo: EFE

But, without a doubt, the most anticipated WhatsApp announcement is the one related to the status. We’ve provided the ability to decide who can and can’t see you when you’re online. This feature has not yet made its way to devices on a large scale. It can only be enjoyed by those who have the trial version installed.

Those who have taken this test have to follow just a few simple steps: access settings, go to Account options, enter Privacy, access Last Time and make appropriate changes in “Who can see me when I’m online”. Select “Same as last time”.

On the other hand, these users are doubly lucky to own the beta version of WhatsApp. Currently, the platform No more downloads are accepted for Android. Thank you for your interest in becoming a WhatsApp Messenger tester.

However, at this time, the WhatsApp Messenger test program has reached the maximum number of testers that can participate and is not accepting more testers,” as can be read when trying to download this version.

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