It Was The Great Promise Of Overwatch 2, But It Will Never Come To Game: Blizzard Cancels Long-awaited PvE Game Mode Announced In 2019 – Overwatch 2

The company claims development difficulties and neglects the key promise of Overwatch 2.

Advertising trailer Monitoring 2 It’s one of those that still gives us goosebumps. Blizzard Its hero shooter sequel has not been announced as such The rescue operation that ended up being doneIf not as an opportunity for renewal. The second part that will update the multiplayer proposal and that will affect, above all, one of the most anticipated sections. “We’ve been creating the story-driven co-op gaming experience that players have been asking for since launch,” They said from the company. Four years later, however, it appears that The idea that led to the creation of the title has been forgotten forever.

Say goodbye to the big change in Overwatch 2

Blizzard’s conclusion, as well as their decision. From the company They do not see it possible to implement the launch of the promised great PvE mode Without making major sacrifices in the core gaming experience. cost they don’t want to face. “We can’t just go forward with the vision that we originally had and showed in 2019. That means ad hoc mode with new talent trees and that great progression won’t be released in the long run. These things are no longer in our plans. “I know it’s frustrating for a lot of you, and to be honest, a lot of the crew are disappointed by that,” said executive producer Jared Noyce.

But they confirm it from the company You will go ahead with the idea of ​​introducing PvE. Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keeler outlined the following: “Rather than releasing a single mode or focusing all of our efforts on a great release, we’ll focus on creating game modes and co-op experiences as part of our update schedule.” In this sense, the developer hopes to reach an intermediate point that will make the fans satisfied. This awesome single-player mode won’t arrive, however Yes, there will be more releases of this nature over the next few months. The first part of this content will arrive in Season 6, dated around September.

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“Development of the PvE experience hasn’t progressed as expected. The team has created some amazing content. Very interesting missions, enemies that are a lot of fun to fight, and more. Unfortunately, the effort to put it all together into an experience we can unleash and live up to is of high Blizzard quality.” Very. There’s no end in sight or certainty that we can share with the world. We’ve made a tough decision. We had to choose between putting all our effort into PvE to launch into the future or coming to terms with these new values ​​we’ve gained and focusing on the main game.” Jared News on Overwatch 2’s PvE mode.

PvE was one of the great promises of Overwatch 2.

Video games are constantly changing during their development time, but this shift is about more than just tweaks of plans. he The great PvE mode was the reason for the release of the sequel to Overwatch And Blizzard has given no indication of its possible cancellation. In this sense, the players’ reaction was surprising. “They killed the original game for a monetization update. Now it’s official,” he says Most popular on reddit After the company implemented the advertisement.

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