How to find a lost iPhone, even if it’s turned off

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with the iOS 15 updateApple is improving the Find My feature. This feature usually allows you to find, locate and erase lost Apple devices, but now, some iOS 15 iPhones can be tracked even after turning off the iPhone (which is the first thing a thief does). How it works? And is it no longer possible to completely turn off the iPhone?

How does tracking iPhone offline work?

Apple will now use the low-power U1 chip to keep tracking your iPhone’s location even after it’s turned off. This feature is enabled by default once you install iOS 15 on a compatible iPhone (iPhone 11 and later, including the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro).

When the iPhone is turned off, Apple continues to operate its Bluetooth Low Energy chip through a dedicated secure applet. The rest of the device is completely off (including the always-on processor used for background tasks like “Hello Siri” requests).

The other part of the equation has to do with Apple’s ultrawide U1 chip. as with AirTagsYour iPhone will continue to send secure, encrypted signals to your other Apple devices. And when someone passes their powered iPhone, it will detect those signals and send that information safely using the Find My network.

If you’re looking for a more technical explanation of what’s going on under the hood, check out this blog post from Nahrdin This is a Twitter thread from Hector Martin.

How to turn off your iPhone completely

Apple tracks iPhone offline in a secure way, but you can argue about the fact that your iPhone has not technically been completely turned off. So if you want to completely turn off your iPhone, you can do it in two ways. First, when you want to turn off the iPhone, press the small button “iPhone can be found after a power outageFrom here, you can choose the option.Temporarily disable search“To completely shut down the iPhone only this time.

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If you are looking for a permanent solution, you will need to disable Find My Network, which is generally not recommended for obvious reasons. To do this, open the application “Adjust“y and a Apple ID> iCloud> search by> Search my iPhone, disruptsFind my network“.

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