How to create a QR code using a web browser

The use of the QR code exceeds the number of transactions made using debit cards (Télam)

the QR codes It is an especially valuable tool for Business and entrepreneurship Which takes advantage of its versatility to communicate with its customers and distribute valuable information that allows, among other things, to make electronic payments from applications by simply scanning them. It has also been shown to be useful for quickly directing someone to a site or web page that you are promoting.

Although there is a variety of Applications Freely Accessible QR Code Generators You are highly advised to be careful about which one you choose, because they exist Applications Dishonest may include tracking code or Harmful With the generated QR. While there are applications such as instagram, Which allows it to be created directly.

It is not necessary to download a program or rely on an application to get a good solution, in fact it is possible to create a QR easily through browsers such as Google ChromeIt doesn’t matter if we are from a computer or a mobile device iOS or Android.

You can use Chrome’s sharing feature to generate a QR code. Once created, it can be downloaded. (screenshot)

Since Chrome is built into Android, this process turns out to be quite simple. Therefore, to create a QR code, we must follow these steps:

– open the browser From Chrome and go to the website you want to generate the QR code for.

– Touch the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “Involved”.

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– At the bottom of the “Share” pop-up window, there will be a QR Code, swipe left if you don’t see it right away; When you find it, click on the icon.

– The QR code will be generated instantly. touches “lay off” To save it.

On iPhone, simply select the Share icon to generate a QR code. (screenshot)

It is also possible to use the Chrome browser on iPhone To create a QR code. Moreover, there is a strange fact that… internal control Departmentthe operating system designed by ManzanaThe process requires fewer steps than the Android version of Chrome. This is why we must:

– Open the Chrome browser on your iPhone and navigate to the website you want to generate the code for.

– Touch Download icon Located in the upper right corner of the page.

– In the pop-up menu that appears, select Create QR Code.

The QR code will be generated instantly. Touch the button “Involved” If you want to download the code or send it to other platforms.

Chrome browser generates the QR code and then allows you to copy or download it. (screenshot)

If you are using the Chrome browser on any desktop computer, a Mac Or one Windows computerYou can use it to generate QR code. This is possible through a few simple steps:

-You have to open the Chrome browser and go to the website you want to generate the code for.

– Click on the “Share” icon in the address bar and select “Create QR Code”.

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– You will get a drop-down box containing the QR code, the URL that represents the code, and buttons that will allow you to copy or download it.

These designs can be mixed with different elements and ideas.

If you have a business or are working on an advertising campaign, this type of code makes a difference because the images that have to do with the context of the link you will be directed to are mixed and the graphic set that allows the link is integrated. .

To get a technical QR, the generation process is as follows:

– Get the URL of the content to be linked, whether it’s a web page, an app address for a virtual store, or a file download.

2. With this preparation, A QR code necessary. This can be done by going to, where only the previous link is required. In this case, it is not necessary to choose other designs provided by the page, because the idea is to modify the entire image.

3. After generating the code, you have to download the image in it PNG format.

Secret parties do not provide security for minors.

4. On this page, at the top, there is a button called “Join Beta Now”, which will direct you to the profile strife, Where the creation process takes place. You have to click there and open an account in the messaging app.

5. Once logged in, on the left side, the channels contained in this profile will appear. You have to look for something called Paste-bin. There the original QR is downloaded and then the image address is copied from the same chat.

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6. Now you have to change the channel and go to Pixelml-bot-1. In this chat you have to type /generate and at that moment two options will be displayed: prompt and URL.

7. In the prompt you must write in English the design you want for the image so that the QR can be integrated, and in the URL you must paste the link from step five.

8. When you send this to the chat, a few seconds will pass and we will get a new icon with the design we requested. If it is not to our satisfaction, we can try as many times as necessary.

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