How does the new Ambulatory Medicine Center in Cipolite work?

“Commitment to medical quality, safety and respect for patient privacy guides the services at Leben Salud Hospital,” the professional explained, explaining that “the outpatient care method allows invasive diagnostic procedures and outpatient surgical treatments (in selected patients) by a trained health team, allowing the patient to return to Home safely at the end of the day.In fact, part of the recovery takes place during the day hospitalization and part in the patient’s home.

And the science backs it up: After an illness, recovering at home in the company of the patient’s family and everyday environment is beneficial to health and well-being.

Technology is the best ally in health

There are approximately 50 professionals providing specialized care in the new outpatient center.

“Advancements in surgical techniques, instruments, biomedical technology, anesthesia techniques, preoperative assessment protocols, and expertise in appropriate selection; allow the patient to benefit from this type of care. The Leben Salud Group has sufficient medical and technological infrastructure support to handle any procedure-related incident.” Outpatient clinics, and this is available for more safety and protection for their patients, explained the Director of CMAC and the Medical Director of Leben Salud.

in detail

CMAC has two fully equipped operating rooms, eight recovery beds with all necessary services, a postoperative recovery room in the surgery area, and a post-anesthesia recovery unit for outpatient invasive diagnostic procedures with five beds.

The team consists of 50 medical professionals, specialty nurses, diagnostic imaging technicians, specialized procedure technicians, administrative staff, and support staff.

Patients from the city and the entire region will be able to seek care in the various services and regions developed and integrated by CMAC.

  • Department of Women’s Medicine: It aims to solve questions of prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on approved quality standards. The district consists of a team of gynecologists, oncologists, bioimaging specialists, surgeons, clinicians, and bioimaging technicians. Highlights are given who will be able to assess risk profiles, counseling and test results and create and implement the best available treatments based on updated scientific protocols.
  • A gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy service that provides essential care for the prevention, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ambulatory surgery service in various specialties: Traumatology, urology, otolaryngology, gynecology, breast medicine, venous vascular surgery, plastic surgery and others are provided.
  • The Diagnostic Imaging Service has trained specialists, sub-specialty technical staff and technology to provide accurate and safe medical diagnosis.
  • The Department of Cardiology will allow outpatients to conduct preoperative assessments, follow-up for chronic non-communicable diseases, and assessments necessary to perform recreational or competitive physical activity in a safe manner.
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From integrated computer systems, medical information will also be available on patient portals to facilitate access for them and those of trusted professionals, as noted.

Professional crew

  • Cardiology: Ibar Julio Gabriel, Demetrio Talasilis and Paola Becerra.
  • Plastic Surgery: See Natalia, Asio Sofia, Vega Gabriel.
  • General Surgery: Galliardi Maria Carolina, Gilvie Mario Juan.
  • Medical clinic: González Torn Andrea, Martinez Maria Victoria, Franco Carlos Orvilio, Rodriguez Adalberto, Bla Zorrilla Maria Soledad.
  • Endocrinology: Maura Patricia.
  • Phlebology: Roman Osvaldo Martin, Jerez Walter Daniel, Exophone Ricardo.
  • Gastroenterology: Otano Hugo, Amadi Carla, Rochita Maria Laura, Mombro Rubin, Byron Nadia.
  • Gynecologists: Truzi Laura, Alvarez Nelly Beatrice, Borsoto Maria Luz, Jorge Alberto Maciel, Maciel George, Marino Horacio.
  • Spiritology: Sosa Susana Mariela, Fracasso Marcelo, Silva Orlando, Rodriguez Josefina.
  • Lung Diseases: Yanez Eduardo José.
  • Neuroscience: Dykstra Alejandra and Moschini Javier.
  • Nutrition: Sfampa Lorena.
  • ENT: Ferreira Florence.
  • Traumatology: Herero Veronica, Barrera Roberto, Kramer Cesar Edgardo, Rizzo Fabian Leonardo, Funes Fernando, Firman Eduardo, Franchi Oscar, Alvarez Claudia.
  • Urology: Echeguren Esteban Salvador, Campos Hector Eugenio, Fuentealba Juan Alberto, Iborra Fernando.

Leben Salud ( arose from the consortium of the Rio Negro and Neuquén Medical Foundation, the Imaging Clinic and the Radiology Clinic of the South, the Cardiovascular Institute of the South and the Integrated Cancer Center (COI), which initiated a joint path to provide a comprehensive response to patients in All over Alto Valley.

It is currently offering its benefits through the clinics and centers it owns in the capital Neuquen, Plottier, General Rocca and Cipolite.

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