How do you choose your partner according to science?

Choosing a partner is a complex issue and you must have asked yourself on more than one occasion:How do you choose your partner? according to science? Read on and discover the mystery behind the chemistry of love.

Love and attraction are simply unpredictable forces of nature, because they are influenced by a large number of factors, most of which are alien to our rational thinking. However, this does not mean that there are not some key points that help us determine why we fall in love with certain people.

physical attraction

There is evidence to support the important role physical attraction plays in partner selection. It has been discovered that factors such as facial symmetry and physical characteristics such as height and gender, among others, are aspects that, in addition to appearing healthy and desirable in a partner, awaken our most primitive instincts regarding fertility and procreation.



a personality

Another key point in addition to physical compatibility is personality compatibility, it has been proven that this unique aspect in each person is more relevant or has a more important role in the relationship, because once the stage of falling in love has passed, Couples stay together because of the compatibility in their personalities.

values ​​and beliefs

Sharing similar values ​​and beliefs can be important in establishing a strong and long-lasting relationship. Research reveals that couples who have similar values ​​generally tend to have more satisfying relationships.

Communication and empathy

You may meet couples like oil and water, but their relationship works; You may have wondered:How do you choose your partner?Well, the answer relates to this point in particular. Effective communication and the ability to empathize with your partner are essential components of a healthy relationship. And science has shown that couples who feel understood and supported by each other are more likely to maintain a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Common interests and activities

Finally, we want you to think about the importance of sharing common interests and activities, as this strengthens the relationship between people. Participating in joint activities can promote intimacy and commitment in a relationship.

It is important to note that these factors can vary from person to person and that successful relationships are based on communication, commitment, and mutual respect. While science can provide valuable information, in the end, choosing a mate is a personal process that is unique to each individual.

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