“Home Alone”, “Terminator 2” and 23 other films chosen by the United States as the new good for humanity

At the end of each year, the United States National Library of Congress announces new additions to its National Film Registry. That's by saying, Films that are beneficial to humanity And who believe they should be preserved forever by the White House because of them Cultural, historical or aesthetic significance of the cinematic heritage of the United States.

The list of films added this year consists of 25 bars Among them are world-famous classics of the caliber of 'Home Alone“,”Terminator 2: Judgment Day' And 'Apollo 13And do not think that only old films are taken into account, because in the list we also find recent cases (from 2013) such as '12 years a slave and “20 steps to fame.” The same applies to animated films, which are highly regarded and which this time include “Lady and the Tramp' And 'Nightmare before Christmas'. But without further ado, we leave you with the list.

These are the 25 films that the United States wants to preserve as assets to humanity

  1. “A Film Journey Through Filmland” (1921 Paul Fenton short film)
  2. “Dinner at Eight” (1933, George Cukor)
  3. “Boholano Family Film Collection” (1950s-1970s)
  4. “The Unconquered: Helen Keller in Her Story” (1954, Nancy Hamilton)
  5. 'Lady and the Tramp(1955, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Loskey, Wilfred Jackson)
  6. “Where the City Ends” (1957, Martin Ritt)
  7. “We're Alive” (1974)
  8. “Cruisin' J-Town” (1975 short film directed by Duane Kubo)
  9. “Alambrista!” (1977, Robert M. Young)
  10. “Passing Through” (1977, Larry Clark)
  11. “Fame” (1980, Alan Parker)
  12. “Desperately Seeking Susan” (1985, Susan Seidelman)
  13. “The Lighted Field” (1987, Andrew Noren)
  14. Matewane (1987, John Sayles)
  15. 'Home Alone(1990, Chris Columbus)
  16. “Queen of Diamonds” (1991, Nina Minx)
  17. 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day(1991, James Cameron)
  18. 'Nightmare before Christmas(1993, Henry Sellick)
  19. “The Wedding Banquet” (1993, Ang Lee)
  20. “Maya Lin: A Clear, Powerful Vision” (1994, Frieda Lee Mock)
  21. 'Apollo 13′ (1995, Ron Howard)
  22. “Deceitful” (2000, Spike Lee)
  23. “Love and Basketball” (2000, Gina Prince-Bythewood)
  24. '12 years of slavery(2013, Steve McQueen)
  25. “20 Steps to Fame” (2013, Morgan Neville)
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