He showed off the crucial trick for knowing when his kids are back from bowling and it went viral on TikTok

With the express goal of finding out what time their kids got back from bowling, A mum shared on TikTok the trick she used to find out when to arrive. The post received thousands of responses pointing to the woman's ingenious idea.

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In the clip, shared by user @megadiverti2, You can see that the woman placed a pot with spoons on the doorknob. This way, when your kids walk in, the tools will fall and make a loud noise.

The video went viral on TikTok. Video: TikTok/@megadiverti2

The post was widely spread on the Chinese social media network, garnering more than three million views, more than 100,000 likes, and hundreds of comments referring to the applied technology.

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Thank God my mom doesn't have TikTok“,” With this alarm the whole neighborhood wakes up… “,” My mother put down glass bottles haha ​​”,” I imagine what a scandal it will be when they open the door and all this stuff falls out, everyone will go 'wake up those in the area', these were some Messages received from users.

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