Persecution in Cuba: the dictatorship kidnapped again Berta Soler, the leader of “Ladies in White”, and her husband

Berta Soler and her husband Angel Moya have been kidnapped again by the Cuban dictatorship

The leader of the Cuban splinter group “Sayidat bil White”, Bertha Sollerand her renegade husband Angel MoyaOn Sunday, they were kidnapped, according to members of this condemning group on social media.

This is the fourth weekend in a row that arrests by the Castro regime’s forces have been reported Since the group announced it was resuming Sunday protests to demand the release of those arrested in the July 11 anti-government protests.

Cuban Women’s In White actress and leader Berta Soler Fernandez, and Angel Juan Moya Acosta, a former political prisoner and human rights activist, have been arrested.wrote on Facebook Maria Cristina Labrada VaronaMember of the Board of Directors of “Women in White”.

As usual, neither the Cuban authorities nor the official media confirm the facts.

hours ago Moya had warned of the presence of state security elements Around the organization’s headquarters, in Havana, upload photos of a minibus and several people, including some women in military uniform.

Just over three weeks ago, Women in White announced that they would resume Sunday’s protests To demand the release of “political prisoners”.After the break imposed by the epidemic.

The wave of arbitrary arrests continues in Cuba (Angel Moya. Taken from Martí Notícias)
The wave of arbitrary arrests continues in Cuba (Angel Moya. Taken from Martí Notícias)

In the first two weeks of weekends, several women were arrested in Havana. Last Sunday, Soler and Moya were only provisionally arrested.

The Women in White movement emerged in 2003, following a wave of repression by the Cuban government dubbed the Black Spring. Two years later they won the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought from the European Parliament.

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The European Union and NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International criticized this wave of arrests as political. For their part, the Cuban authorities claimed that they were attacking national sovereignty on the orders of the United States.

European Union Special Representative for Human Rights, Eamonn GilmoreOn Saturday, he confirmed that he would continue to demand that Havana respect basic freedoms, but within the framework of the political dialogue and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Cuba.

According to a letter from Gilmore to Coupon for Democracy published by this Madrid-based NGO on Saturday, the EU official confirms that it continues to demand Cuba “To release arbitrarily detained” After the anti-government protests on July 11th.

“The repression after last year’s protests, including many individual cases, is of great concern to the European Union,” he said in the letter, in which he demanded “justice” as well as a “fair trial” for all those prosecuted. .

It also indicates that The European Union unequivocally supports the right of Cubans to peacefully express their views and demand change.”

Gilmore argues that last year’s July 11 protests in Cuba “reflected the legitimate grievances of the Cuban people due to the grave economic situation in the country” and reiterates the community bloc’s demand for an “inclusive dialogue” on the island.

The Cuban regime intensified its persecution of the opposition after the July 11 protests (EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa)
The Cuban regime intensified its persecution of the opposition after the July 11 protests (EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa)

The European Union Special Representative for Human Rights affirms that the demands of the Community Bloc to Havana will continue to be expressed through political dialogue and cooperation agreement, a text that some sectors in Cuba and Europe are calling for a severance of the European Union, Alleged violation of human rights by Cuba.

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“The European Union reiterates its policy of monetary interaction with Cuba within the framework of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement,” Gilmore says.

According to the Cuban dictatorship’s attorney general’s office, 790 people – including 55 minors – have been prosecuted for “acts of vandalism targeting authorities, people and property, as well as serious disturbance of order” in connection with last July’s protests.

Several NGOs, such as Justicia 11J and Prisoners Defenders, filed records with greater numbers of indictments.

This is not the first time that the EU Special Representative has responded to independent activists and NGOs about the situation in the Caribbean country after July 11.

last september The European Union called on the Cuban regime to “immediately release all those arbitrarily detained” in response to the complaint of the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights.

Some members of the European Parliament have in recent months demanded the participation of civil society and the opposition in Cuba’s social and political life, a request rejected by the Cuban National Assembly (a unicameral parliament).

With information from EFE

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