He sent a cute emoji and now owes $80,000 in Canada

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The “new reality” of Canadian society. This is how the judge explained why a thumbs up emoji deserved to sign the contract.

And in Valeriano’s Graduate Stories we bring you this, jewel? Well, you decide: in A judge in Canada has ruled that sending a premium emoji is equivalent to signing a contract. network?

Yes, this case has already been reported in international media such as The New York Times Because of the incredible Canadian judge’s decision —which he made clear his decision was based on The new reality of society form Canada.

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And in Canada: He sent a sweet emoji and now owes $80,000

this since 2021, when a farmer and trader was about to close the sale of 87 metric tons of flaxseed.

It turned out that they were doing business through letters. In fact, the merchant – the buyer of flaxseed – signed this contract of sale. He sent a picture of the farmer and the farmer replied with a thumbs up emoji.

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OK. But, for this reason, is the person signing a contract or something serious? The merchant claimed to have written with the photo to the farmer: “Please confirm the flaxseed contract.”.

And, whammy: the The farmer ended up replying with a cool emoji. The outrage is that the merchant took it as an affirmation of action, and there occurred the dilemma or dilemma which Justice TJ Keene, of the King’s Court of Saskatchewan, was to solve.

What did the judge say about the knots and the thumbs up emoji?

Of course she isThe farmer defended himself by saying he was only asserting that he had been awarded the flaxseed contractBut he did not agree and that is tantamount to giving him the green light.

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However, to Judge Keene, there was no doubt that in those letters, the farmer and the merchant understood that they were talking of confirming the contract.

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Not a confession or something. In this way, in June 2023, the judge ruled that this emoji indicates a thumbs up sign – as they say in televisionLegal faith.

what happened after that? The farmer got it Problems Because – there’s the root of the issue – he never delivered flaxseed. then now The buyer will have to compensate the buyer in the amount of 82 thousand 200 CAD for damages.

Ouch. In its written decision –You can consult it here-, Judge Kane explained that the court recognized that the thumbs-up (?) symbols were an unorthodox method “Signboard” document.

what do you think? in Canada considers it an ideal case to expose it in law schoolsWhile the farmer’s defense charged that this decision would only open the doors for other types of cases – related to the use of emojis – to reach the courts.

And then … from the courts it will be necessary to determine the meaning of Hell Small grip closed, for example.

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