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He was an Indian restaurant owner Totally shocked when I found a “terrible” comment against your organization on TripAdvisor.

It all started when a platform user argued that I ate one ofThe worst curry I’ve ever tasted”. Commentary did not go unnoticed, as Shimla Peppers, located in Walsall (England), enjoy a good reputation– rated 4.5 on the travel site, with over 100 reviews.

However, the customer, named Andy, wrote a review entitled “Nice atmosphere but disgraceful portion sizes” And give it a one star rating.

The full caption reads: “Nice restaurant but poor service, small portions. They don’t understand the meaning of vindaloo, Paratha, garlic naan very well.” “Honestly the worst curry ever in Walsall! If you’ve already eaten elsewhere, you might like it! Chicken pieces literally the size of the tip of my finger!! “.

When reading the comment, call the owner of the restaurant he ranAnd he didn’t take long to answer: first he asked why they didn’t talk to the manager during their visit and then He said feel Confused with his experience.

The restaurant owner’s response was widely spread

Owner Shimla Peppers said he was “extremely upset, disappointed and disoriented” by his experience. we will Find out the review was fakesince Terrible vindalooIt wasn’t even on the list.

“I am deeply upset, disappointed and confused by your experience and your statements. However, I am very glad that you at least enjoyed the civilized atmosphere.”

“You’re saying my crew didn’t understand the terms, vindaloo, paratha or well-cooked nan. Can I say vindaloo is not on our list?.

I am proud of a Punjabi Sikh by birth. I grew up on this food. Our team is excellent and the staff are very knowledgeable about the menu,” highlighted.

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I am disappointed that they did not meet your requirements. If you are lucky enough to order chicken biryani, the chicken pieces will be bite sized. We take care of the service and the food.”he completed.

“We have clearly let him down! I do my best to thoroughly investigate your complaint. My managers asked you to provide the name, time and number of your reservation for your party. We have full security cameras and this will show your presence and we can identify your request.”he added.

Mine, If your findings indicate that the elements of your experience are justified, I will return your entire meal bill. I don’t understand why you didn’t talk to the restaurant manager. He would deal with her problem easily and promptly. You obviously didn’t! “He confirmed.

Finally, please note that we have been serving Walsall for 42 years.Yes, same place, same property. We are very proud of our track record and take our work very seriously“, he added

He continued: “Realize that sometimes things can go wrong. Please contact me urgently so that I can listen to your complaint, but most importantly, learn from it. I am willing to refund and stay interested in your future visit.”

Shimla Peppers has more than 120 reviews on Tripadvisor, most of which are rated ‘Excellent’. “Lovely place, attentive staff, great food and great ambiance. Would recommend to anyone and would definitely come back. Thank you for a lovely evening!” These are some of the most satisfying comments the restaurant has received.

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