A trained firefighter with “the mule” brought a donation from Canada

A man from Villamaría currently living in Canada, who trained as a firefighter under the guidance of the recaller Juan Carlos “Mola” Molinetti, made an important donation to the Villa Maria Barracks.

This is engineer Guillermo “Willy” Grasso, a Montreal, Canadian city man who manages the donation to that city’s firefighters.

“That’s what you see here is what I can bring in my bag. They are masks for respirators and what’s called a bottom-of-the-man alarm,” Grasseau explained at a press conference.

Grasso explained that these are protective clothing and equipment so that firefighters who enter the fire are not affected by carbon monoxide or the high temperature they are exposed to, which ranges from “500 to 600 degrees.”

The guy from Villamaria who lives in Canada knows what he’s talking about: “At Villa Maria, I was a volunteer firefighter from 1977 to 1998,” he said. “I was fortunate to join when Mola was taking his first steps as a coach,” he added.

Before, remember that there weren’t a lot of protection elements and for this same reason, it was more difficult to get into a fire completely.

“I have a lot in Canada, but we are having difficulties bringing it to Argentina. On the one hand, because of the laws that have many requirements for donated equipment, and on the other hand, also a little bit because of the Argentine bureaucracy,” he said.

He explained that in Montreal, he had several boxes with “skeleton suits and shoes” to send to the Villa Maria barracks. Currently, they are in contact with Eduardo Zabala, a Miami-based Villamariense, who has a foundation dedicated to paying for the transfer of donations directed to Argentina.

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