He climbed the Trevi Fountain to refill his water bottle, and the result surprised everyone

An unusual situation occurred in Romespecifically in Fontana di Trevi. Considering the dozens of tourists who visited the place, A woman climbed onto the rocks and reached her arm into the water to hold her bottle. immediately after, He was arrested by the Italian police. The event, which took place two weeks ago, has gone viral in the past few hours and caused a lot of repercussions on social networks.

over the past few weeks, Europe experienced a severe heat wave. The month of July recorded record temperatures in various countries of the continent and an average record that broke a historical streak. In what has been described as the hottest summer on record, all kinds of unusual scenes have been observed.

Across the European lands, users on social networks have shown deserted streets, changes in cities and the environment based on the climate panorama. However, the event that occurred in The famous tourist spot in Rome, Italycaught everyone’s attention.

Video shared on an account Tik Tok @employee, allows you to see the scene from several meters away. Despite the remoteness from women’s work, the whole sequence of events can be clearly observed. Pictures already started with The woman climbs the rocks and stands a few inches away from the small waterfall.

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He went up to a tourist site to refill his water bottle and the result surprised everyone

From this place He extended his right hand to fill the water bottle, in front of the amazed gaze of the other tourists present at the scene. With a casual look that included a hat, fanny pack, light blue shirt, pants, and sneakers, the woman accomplished her mission and prepared to return quietly to the sector where the rest of the people were.

Step by step, he walked calmly and arrived without hindrance. However, when he arrived he found something he wasn’t expecting. Already while on the way back, he heard Police officer whistle Who watched the scene and intervened. At first, the woman seemed unaware that the call for attention was hers. However, after iteration, it was taken for granted.

The unusual event that went viral happened at the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome’s most popular tourist sitesPhilippe Montfort – AFP

Although the dialogue was not determined due to the distance, they both spoke for a few seconds. In a good tone, the representative of the security forces explained to him that what he had done was not permitted. After the small talk, they run up the stairs and withdraw to another sector, just before the end of the video.

The event did not go unnoticed on the video platform and resulted in a lot of repercussions. Within days, it had surpassed 1 million views on Twitter Tik Tok And accumulated more than 27,000 Likes And thousands of other comments.

Among the responses, there were mixed messages. On the one hand, there were those who took it with a sense of humor and did not consider the fact to be an offense. On the other hand, many pointed out not only that the act violated the norm, but also the danger that this situation presented to the woman.


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