Sansoni insults Amazon

May 22 2022 – 10:58
Bypass the former deputy deputy and judicial leader in the WhatsApp group.

Yesterday’s resignation of Sabrina Sansoni caused a scandalous and violent confrontation between the ruling party’s regional deputy, Danielle Sansoni, and former deputy and judicial leader Liliana Mattson.

It all started when a group of journalists and political leaders, there are even several officials, exchanged news of the resignation of the former Minister of Culture of the province, the daughter of the deputy in question.

Given the information that was disclosed, Mazzone celebrated the incident and stated that it would be good if a capable person was appointed in that area from the government. The comment unleashed Sansoni’s wrath who replied, “Well, go ahead, you or your brother who is so good at the Treasury, and before you answer, millionaire, you’ll gather AP from the House (and you’re no one’s counselor, you’re a Genoki apart, look. Nor. Chasing me away with threats of a lawsuit, do it if I give you the skin, and stop playing the big lady, you’re nobody looking for her.”

And he added, “And I say to you, do not answer me in this way, answer me as you like to say only to frighten judicially … Go to gnoqui, I await your judicial answer, ÑOQUI.”

Mazon, who is known to never run away from the discussion, did not shut up and first jokingly answered with laughter and pointing emoji:

“How does the truth burn you!!! Ask Totti (Esteban Amat) if I advise him or not!!!”,
But he went further and sent an audio clip revealing an alleged intimate slip by the lawmaker. They say that the thief always believes that each person is in his case. You have to order gnocchi, named after…? (NdR: The name of the third person mentioned in the cross has not been published).

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“I understand that you have joined another type of relationship other than work…,” Mazzoni insisted.
The question was also attached to a photo of Sanson with Pope Francis in which the woman in question was seen. Then the leader shot: “Look with whom you went to see the pope !!! What a cheek !!!. I was? Is it your gnocchi?

Mazon’s letter turned Sanson’s anger into rage, who, out of his mind, sent a voice saying, “Look, rat, and I’ll call you, Liliana Mazzoni, RATA. You’re in fourth grade Liliana Mazzoni, look at your surname: Mazon. What a piece of crap. Your last name: Mazzone Yes, I went with … to the Vatican He’s my partner What’s the problem? What are you also a eunuch? Yes he is my partner What’s the problem? Liliana Mazzone What are you from Chicho Mazzone? A piece of asshole. And let’s see if it You have the audacity to sue me. Dale, pass judgment that he is your son. Judge if he gives you the skin. Kaguna, you are Kaguna and you are a bad person. And I give you reasons now with this voice I sent to you, and I give you reasons, so that you kind of judge me. Kaguna Look, gnocchi, give him, Kaguna, judge me.”

After the violent messages, Mazon warned: “Don’t come to hurt me, because he who hurts me accuses. I know many things and I keep silent, but whoever messes with me let him take it. What does he think? Because we are women we can’t defend ourselves? Or should we endorse anyone?”
Then he replied that he was violent. Then, after traversing a few other messages, the group admins ditched Mazzone, a stance celebrated by Sansone who deleted the audio minutes later.

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