Have you noticed the PlayStation icons adorning your PS5? There are over 40,000 and so it has been designed

The designers of the PS5 and DualSense controller have the tedious task of adding 40,000 subtle textures to the console.

If you have PS5 In your home, or you’ve seen pictures of the next generation Sony console, you’ll notice thousands of details of them Playstation mini logos That adorn the console body. Or maybe not, because it’s so small that it’s hard to see without looking into the details. the middle the edge He dived into these subtle design details of the Japanese company’s white console, while leaving how to add it on the shelf 40,000 tiny tapestries In the device.

On your PS5, there are 40,000 subtle textures with PlayStation iconsIf you haven’t noticed it yet, take a good look inside the PS5 boards. They are not there by chance, even if they seem to be in hiding. The Luces LED Status indicators that let you know if the console is on, off or in sleep mode. It also helps to see the reflection of the small representations of the square, circle, triangle and cross buttons, which are the company symbol Play Station. It can also be seen on the back of the remote control DualSense.

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In the middle mentioned above, Yujin Morisawa y Takeshi IgarashiBasically those responsible for the design of the PS5 and DualSense, talked about the process when doing it Authentic craftsmanship whose idea emerged years ago. It is difficult to see with the naked eye, but if we observe it with a zoom or a high-magnification or microscopic camera, we can see that the icons are not usefully linked, but are stacked on each other in different positions; Even staggered or rotated.

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This results in an eye-catching texture, which also acts on the console as a grip, and improved grip. Although the construction of the prototype takes a long time, the judgment of the product is determined as ‘OK or NO’ The moment you see it and touch it“, Officials say.

How are the subtle textures of the PS5 designed?

They created various prototypes, with priority given to which one provides greater grip for the consoleMoresawa himself says he started making drawings to design “mini icons” for the PlayStation, and that he created several of them by hand for later digitization and application in various prototypes of consoles. They wanted me to be Comfortable and non-slip texture, provided it is not irritated or rough, Which makes comfort difficult in long gaming sessions. In fact, Sony showed the various plans for these delicate tissues printed with a real design that they used in their tests and tests. The problem was not the small size of the icons themselves, but the convenience and consistency of the fitting of the parts in the template.

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To make the final finish, it is not made as an addition yet Cover production, it’s all part of the same processWhere the plastic is added to a mold, it melts and is compressed by two plates. Everything has been carefully studied so that the icons do not get distorted when the piece stands out and continues to preserve its design, thanks to the precise laser cutting at the edges. It is a process More complicated than it might seem, since the icons are of different sizes: They are half a millimeter wide, others are smaller and remain at a microscopic size of 30 microns.

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The final result You can see it on the PS5 and DualSense consoles. The designers indicate that there will be easier operations to do something similar, but this way they get that all controls have the same texture and that the experience, especially with the touch console, is identical for all users.

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