American volleyball is featured for export players

Volleyball was introduced as a sports system by the YMCA physical education teacher, William J. Morgan, In Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, and that was 126 years ago, for volleyball fans, it’s a date to party, but above all because of the evolution that has happened in the country in the women’s branch, but also in my manhood.

How does he measure this growth?

With the export of female and male players either to serve discipline in their academic development and to play in university tournaments such as United StateOr as professionals in countries around the world.

So you can see Andrea Rangel playing in the Russian Premier League, with Dynamo Meter, But not only as a team but also seriously competing for the January Player of the Month titles.

In addition to Sissy Rios Who plays in Aves Volleyball de Portugal, or Yvonne Martinez In Mav Elore in Hungary, or even Shashio Sanai With V Brusno from Slovakia, or Seomara Sainz with Cus Torino from Italy and Jocelyn Aurias, with OSACC Haro Rioja Voley from Spain.

Or the case of Samantha Pressio who ended the season with him Boiler dynamo en la CEV Volley Champions League.

But there are also female student players who migrate to academic institutions like Guadalajara Usue GuerecaJalisco who plays with Lobo women’s volleyball, Sofia Maldonado in Arizona volleyball,

Argentina Aung is with him Washington State VolleyballCeleste Villa from Texas A&M University, Melanie Paras from the University of Texas, Cathia Garcia from the University of San Francisco, Marian Oval from the University of Texas at El Paso or Renata Lopez, and she is also in collegiate volleyball in the United States at Easter Washington University.

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Of men Pedro Rangel With Omonia Nicosia from Cyprus and Daniel Vargas with Irakles Thessolonikis from Greece.


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