Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin won the Best TV Couple award for their characters Eda and Serkan.

Eda and Serkan

The couple exuded love and complicity with their looks. They dedicated the awards to each other and were the sensation of the night.

Sin cal kapiminame Eda and Serkan In Turkish, it has become a global phenomenon. The audio-visual product offered by the company M. F. Yabem Enrollment began amid the pandemic, which led to… An unimaginable event That today, 3 years later, lags behind the news that Hand Erchel And Kerem BursinAnd their complicit love generated by their personalities Eda Yildiz And Serkan Polat on the screen Channel 9 TV The novel was sold in 85 countries.

And This complicity and this loveis among the actors who caught the attention of the Turkish press and the whole world, when they were seen praying together at the award ceremony. Ayakli newspaperwhere They won all the statues for which they were nominated.

Heroes Eda and Serkan, Handi Erçel and Kerem Bursin share the screen again

love is in the airthe name by which the product is known in most parts of the world still brings happiness Hand Erchel And Kerem Bursinis that they won the awards ceremony at which they were nominated.

In a fun and exciting party, champions You’re knocking on my door They won Best TV Couple, It is the award that they collected together on stage under the eyes of all those present, who were able to see the event live The collusion that exists between them. next to, Eda and Serkan won the award for Best romantic comedy.

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Already individually Kerem Bursin won the award for Best Romantic Comedy Actorto. The prize that sincere For the entire series team, and of course, To his girl. “Firstly, I would like to thank you for this award, everyone here is amazing, thank you very much. Likewise, I also thank the team of the film “Sen çal Kapımı”, without them this would not have been possible. I also thank the production company, my friend. Director and To my great comrade Hande Erçel.”

Hand Erchel He did the same when he got on stage to accept the award Best Comedy ActressOr his turn Eda Yildiz. An award that celebrates pride Kerem Bursin As if it were your own.

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