GTA VI will be responsible for the cancellation of the amazing Rockstar project

The development of GTA VI may mean that Rockstar has canceled one of its big projects and it will be a highly anticipated version.

GTA VI It is supposedly one of the biggest and most successful video games in history, at least according to Take-Two Predictions. The address should be ready Between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025This coincides with the next fiscal year of the company. this way, Alleged rumors and leaks They appear frequently on the web, pointing out options that are as strange as they may cost more than usual. However, it now comes from one of the most reliable filters Information that many people may not like.

And that is it GTA VI developmentwhere Rockstar is 100 percent focused at the moment, It would have caused the cancellation of a major project Which the North American company was considering. This is what he says Tez2, one of the most famous insiders in the Rockstar environment, who confirmed the cancellation of the release of Red Dead Redemption II on PS5 and Xbox Series “I’ve been hearing about the Red Dead Redemption 2 port for a long time.. Also about Rockstar’s plan to release an improved Rockstar Editor. Everything is cancelled/paused for now“, male.

thus, If there was ever a possibility of seeing a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption II, now is the time to waitsince Rockstar’s efforts are focused on moving forward with the development of GTA VI and that the proposal is available as soon as possible, it has become the most expensive entertainment product ever.

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Red Dead Redemption III will already be in development, according to Take-Two’s CEO

Although Red Dead Redemption II has been canceled for current-gen consoles, what appears to be in progress is Red Dead Redemption III, which… The Take-Two CEO himself leaked it at a conference Just a few weeks ago. So everything indicates that The saga will still be very much alive in Rockstar’s futurealthough it will likely take some time to materialize.

The information indicates that The first GTA VI trailer should be seen later this yearso we will be very close to seeing the new look of the new part of the saga.

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