Giant suspension bridges in Canadian paradise

Tourism is gradually revitalizing with new experiences around the world and in Canada Prioritize those that can be done outdoors.

Opens this in May British Columbia Golden SkybridgeA couple: Experience to marvel at the forest and mountain landscapes of a couple Suspension bridges.

The Bridges It is connected to the edge of two mountain ranges. It is located at an altitude of 130 and 80 meters with 360-degree views. Don’t forget your camera to remember this lush paradise with a 61-meter waterfall, a deep valley below and views of the Alps.

David Barry, chief of the chase, invites Canadians to visit British Columbia To enjoy an accessible mountain experience. Foreigners will be able to visit this destination when the Canadian government raises Travel restrictions.

What do you see in the Golden Skybridge?

In addition to climbing suspension bridges, you can practice Trips Along three kilometers from the park. For those looking for a little more adrenaline, there will be a swing available Bungee And a compressed line crosses the valley of the place.

Golden Skybridge It is located in the southeast of British Columbia 90 minutes from Banff. The region has six mountain national parks where you’ll see unforgettable postcards.

Complete your trip with a visit to Banff

The Banff National Park It is one of the most beautiful protected sites in the world. Located in the province AlbertaAnd the CanadaAnd it attracts tourists throughout the year thanks to the clear waters of its lakes.

You can visit Banff after going to Golden Skybridge. You will be amazed by the views of the Canadian Rockies and the bodies of water fed by the glaciers. Many tourists compare the color of its waters with emeralds.

The Lago Maureen It is fed by glaciers located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. If the weather is fine, take your camera and postcard landscape photos. The most famous lake is Lake Louise, its turquoise blue color is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the country.

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The vast Banff Forest is home to wildlife such as bears, elk, wolves, and bighorn sheep. Banff was established in 1885, and is the third oldest park in America and the first in Canada. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourists can enjoy the park by hiking or skiing (in winter) or paddling in its lakes (in summer).

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