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He fled to another country, changed his identity, whitened his image, and even started a business. But a screenshot of the Maps app Street View from Google It was the details that allowed the prison Gioachino GamenoA Sicilian gangster who fled Italy 20 years ago.

The Spanish authorities, who had information that the man had taken refuge somewhere in Madrid, found him in a photo on the famous travel platform. Although the image was popular (because the app blurs faces and inscriptions), it caught the attention of researchers who found some physiological characteristics similar to those of the wanted man.

The photo showed two people talking at the door of a fruit and vegetable store called “Manu’s Garden”. Then it was a matter of endorsement Facebook social networking site If there was an account alluding to that trade and they found there a picture Jameno, hiding under his Spanish name Manuel.

Proof of crime: Gammino at his company door in Galapagar, near Madrid.

There were many initial and long investigations that led us to Spain. We were on the right track.” The Public Prosecutor in Palermo said, Francesco Le Yudaily Republic.

The arrest was made in the municipality of Galabajar, about 30 kilometers north of Madrid. “How did they find me? I haven’t called my family in 10 years!”, They say he cried Jameno may catch him.

The man in question was one Italy’s most wanted gangsters. was part of steda familyheadquartered in Sicily Agrigentoand was serving a sentence in the Roman prison of Rebibbia when he escaped, in 2002. The Italian authorities have already made an extradition offer Jamino, The process will be completed in February.

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