From the game science game “Tribute Malvinas Argentinas” on July 9 | series nine

Chess Nuevejuliense is going through one of its best moments in its many years of its long, rich and fruitful history.

It is no less, if the memories of the great gentlemen of the same strangers from his past are still as valid today as yesterday, and bear not only the name “SU” ARGENTINA, but also, be “HIS” “CHIC COUNTRY” that he opened his arms to him for a few years , and protected him, and allowed him to have a wife and two children, Hector Decio Rossetto, this is his first Argentine championship at the age of twenty. He was a six-time Argentine champion, a title he would take five more times in his life. In addition, he participated in the Olympics in Yugoslavia, Finland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Macedonia, established himself as a runner-up in the first three of the four Olympics and received the fourth best gold plate in Helsinki, Finland. The chess school honors him in his name.

It has been a hundred years since the birth of the great master, but the roots of his great lineage remained. Characters of the First World Order passed, among them we remember

Miguel Nagdorf, Oscar Pano, Julio Polbochan, Miguel Angel Quinteros, Carlos Garcia Palermo, Marcelo Tempone (who was the Junior World Champion at the age of 19), nicknamed the legend, winner of the Tigran Petrosian, as the active world champion.

The great players continued to defend the colors of the Nuevejulienses, and thus came more in time, who could forget the great players who left a brand for their talent, dedication, profession, and primarily for their dedication to educating juniors: Omar Letcher, Enrique Un, Alberto Berlingeri, etc. That continued with the continuation of the science game in our city.

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Days 08, 09 and 10 of cte. The 4th month of IRT SUB 2400, 9 de Julio City “Homenaje Malvinas Argentinas” will take place in our city in the excellent facilities of Technical School No. 2, donated by this institution.

The organizers deeply appreciate the valuable support from the current government department, which is responsible for Mr. Intendente Ctador Mariano Barroso, Sports Director Ariel Pesci, and Julia Cereguedo, Minister of Culture, Education and Sports.

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