These are the benefits for mental health

behind the covid-19 pandemiccompanies have implemented remote work or in combination, so as to find Balance between personal and work life. Organizations are currently implementing the proposal 4 working days for the purpose of mental health care. Also, avoid Burnt; Lack of motivation and physical and emotional exhaustion in the work environment as a result of prolonged periods of stress, according to the online statistics portal, Statistics.

In this way, at the beginning of June 2022, more than 3,300 employees in 73 companies in Great Britain began a six-month trial. The objective of this test was to analyze the efficiency and productivity of the collaborators when working hours are carried out for only four days. Thus, the employees got a Paid holiday per week within a period study. The research was conducted by 4 Days Week Global and researchers from the University of Cambridge, Oxford College, Boston and the Homeland Foundation.

With this, the preliminary results of the investigation indicated that Four-day working days will not lead to a loss of productivity. The above, according to 46 percent of the 41 company leaders consulted. Similarly, the Productivity remained stable34% of them indicated slight increase.

Finally, a very high percentage of those surveyed believe that it is likely or highly likely to maintain a policy 4 working days after the trial period. As a result, similar experiments are performed in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and IrelandIt is possible that a replica of the study will be carried out in Spain in 2023.

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