From being the “monster” of English football to making his wrestling debut

The career of athletes is expected to be much shorter compared to other professions. And in football it will not be less. Having dedicated many of them to doing one thing, many of them seek to open up to new experiences. Something like rejoining a job, since there are very few who have earned enough to be able to retire without doing more.

Many choose to remain attached to their sport, whether as a coach, manager, or associated with institutional issues. Others are striving to return to that “normal” life, the one with which many had to come to terms in the highest echelons. And there are others betting on emotions, on turning around completely and facing challenges very different from those they faced previously.

This is the case of one of the most famous English footballers in recent years. Adebayo Akimfenwa He was one of the most loved players in United kingdom Even globally. She has gained fame on and off the field over the years.

Adebayo Akinfenwa, Wycombe Wanderers football player


The former footballer retired at the end of last season after saying goodbye to Wycombe WanderersHe seems to have found a new illusion to keep sporting somehow. A place where his physique seems more appropriate than football: wrestling.

“I was fortunate enough to do what I loved most for 22 years. When they asked me what I was going to do when I retired, I always said I was looking for new experiences,” he explained in an interview at daily Mail Before entering the ring officially for the first time.

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For me, it’s just enjoying the process and knowing where you land. My goal, like everything I do in life, is to perform at the highest possible level. I go to anything to do my best and get as high as possible. This is how a footballer was and this is what it will be like in any area of ​​life he enters

Akinfenwa for years has been, and still is, known for his special looks. Completely unlike the football player, the striker boasted more than 100 kilograms with a height of 1.80 meters. A peculiarity that prompted him to capture the spotlight, combined with the special charisma that surrounded him.

Leap to professional

Born in Islington Everything is ready to take a big leap to wrestling. A new adventure for someone who doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, especially his muscles. Former player of Barry Town, Leyton Orient, Doncaster Rovers, Swansea City or Millwall His debut has already been confirmed. will be in Wrestling progress.

To do this, it has been set in recent months. The famous former footballer did just that with one of the best people he could find in England. Akinfenwa made preparations with the Olympic Anthony Ogogo. The former boxer won bronze in London 2012 Olympics He was one of the key people in his friend’s transformation. From scoring goals to fighting in the ring.

“I’ve known him for years, when he was a boxer. My love of wrestling was always in the background, and after my retirement, he asked me, ‘Would you like to try?'” It was the turning point for a former striker.A new challenge was urgent after saying goodbye to football fields, and seeking experiences was vital for Akinfenwa.

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Adebayo Akinfenwa celebrates promotion to the tournament

Adebayo Akinfenwa celebrates promotion to the tournament


“When you find something you enjoy, everything is easier and I enjoy it a lot but it hurts: there are fractures in the ribs, shoulders, eye sockets. Before I used to throw people on the ground and now I am the one who goes to the ground often”, he expresses in a humorous manner About his beginnings in his new profession. Which shows that despite his appearance as a fighter, the blows received are not easy to withstand, although he seems to face them with great enthusiasm.

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Enjoy the process

Akinfemwa’s landing in wrestling will occur alongside his partner Antonhy Ogogo. Both of them will share equipment in this event Progress Chapter 145 – Wrestling Witch’s Face – Trick or Treat They will face Malik and Costa Constantino in a battle that will attract attention across London. PROGRESS is one of the most closely associated with the strongest companies in the sector, and is WWE. Kind of a springboard that could catapult the ex-footballer to take a potential leap into the future.

And not with the intent of trying, the Englishman of Nigerian descent wants to give it all on the ring. A ring fight mode that safely ends all of their energies on the four corners.

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“For me, it’s more about enjoying the process and seeing where it ends. My goal, like everything I do in life, is to perform at the highest possible level. I go into anything to do my best and get as high as possible. That’s how a footballer was and that’s what It would be like in whatever area of ​​life he enters,” he explains in the interview.

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As if that wasn’t enough, Akinfenwa didn’t just do a training with his partner Ogogo. He also turned into one of the greatest wrestling personalities like Seamus. The WWE Heavyweight Champion shared training with the former soccer player.

Amazing preparation with one of the most experienced fighters in the world arena. A true standard in WWE who benefited from his trip to Cardiff for event Clash in the castle Thus they enjoyed a few minutes of training together, guiding Akinfenwa into his first battle in the world wrestling.

What is clear is that the former Wycombe Wanderers player is already preparing to attack and is fully focused on his new face. A new adventure in which he would like to do anything as he did in football. A challenge he already prepares and does with good hands and an imposing physique as an advantage, because what Akinfenwa shows is his passion for everything he does.

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