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“SiO2 + Na2O”, an audiovisual performance celebrating the International Year of Glass, by Compañía Músicas Abiertas

zThis year, Aragoza once again welcomes the most innovative scientific publishing, science available to all citizens through games, workshops, challenges, gymnasiums, escape rooms, exhibitions and fantastic shows. is the program Science in Vivo 2022 Friday afternoon, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 at the Etopia Center for Arts and Technology, for all ages. The activities are free, but to participate in some of them you need to register over here.

The innovation in Sudoku and chess blends shines in the Sudokus Chess Workshop, in Critical Thinking Training with Mythbusters, in the use of Jupiter and its satellite Io as a sound source at the Iupiter Fulgur Ceremony and in Meditation on the World. A change through the stage, from “Burying Dodot,” a dystopia about the depletion of natural resources, focusing on the danger to the health of the planet.

These are the activities that have been brought to Zaragoza by science publishers from all over the Spanish state, who gather in those days in Etopia, at the Innovative Publishing Conference D + i.

What do they bring this time? On the afternoon of Friday, October 28, they distribute games, workshops, and visits throughout the Etopia Building: Sudoku Chess, from a high school in Pontevedra; Mythbusters, direct from the Department of Science; Food Champions, from the Aragon Agrifood Institute. ICFO Decide Game, from the Institute of Optical Sciences; Hi Score Science recreational machine, from CSIC and the University of Zaragoza; Visit Caesar’s Open Labs for Innovation, and visit IUMA’s “Mobile Mathematics” exhibition.

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On Friday 28 there will be two shows (free entry until full capacity): “The Amazing Journey of the Sunbeam”, by the Huesca Astronomical Society, and “Ivpiter Fvlgvr”, with sounds from another planet captured by musician Mateo Mina and radio astronomer Miguel Pérez Torres. From the Institute of Astrophysics in Andalusia CSIC.

And on Saturday the 29th, all corners of Etopia will once again be filled with games, workshops and visits for all ages with: the escape room “CSIC’s latest invention”, by CSIC Aragón and the Institute of Carbon Chemistry; Nano-gym “Gina” from the Zaragoza Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy; Bacterfield, the board in which you play with bacteria, from the Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon (CSIC-Unizar); Arcade machine Hi Score Science, from CSIC and University of Zaragoza, visit to the exhibition “Animation Mathematics”, from the University Institute of Mathematics and Applications (IUMA).

Offers he will say goodbye to Science in Vivo 2022 They are: SiO2 + Na2O, an audiovisual performance celebrating the International Year of Glass, by Compañía Músicas Abiertas, and “Burying dodot” by Compañía La Bella Otero, laureate of the D’Essay Festival of Theater and Science.

In addition, people interested in scientific communication can register at Conference on Innovative Publishing D + i, where Science In Vivo is framed. Those days are October 28 and 29 in Etopia. Every year they bring together science communication specialists, journalists, researchers, high school and university teachers, artists and cultural programmers…with an interest in finding the clearest paths to convey the messages of science to the heart of citizenship. This is the a program This is the right place registration.

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