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Undoubtedly and beyond the merits and very good sayings of all the members of the body who attracted the most attention during the presentation and what if it was justified was my master. Jackie Stewart. This great little man, barely 1.63 meters and 82 years old, autographed the cases used by the famous pilot Balkars, leaving numerous phrases for us to remember, in honor of the memory. Juan Manuel Fangio Their mutual appreciation and friendship.

The Scotsman toured the coasts of Mar del Plata and couldn’t believe him when they saw him part of the old El Torreon circuit, the scene of Fangio’s first international victory, in 1949. After a while, he snapped photos embracing a bust of the Fivefold, on Boulevard Marítimo y Urquiza, which was inaugurated In 2019. Here’s part of what the three-time world champion had to say:

Host, Florencio Aldry, greets Scotsman Jackie Stewart upon his arrival at the NH Gran Hotel Provincial.

* “It is a great honor for me to be here in Argentina, to honor the best driver in all of history and my great hero. I tried to look like him because of the way he was doing what he did, with so much dignity and elegance. They are so lucky that their country has been represented in this way. He was an example of behavior on and off the track and you can be sure that in motorsport, there are very few who can say that.”

* “This honor is more than justified by all that Juan represents. I am so happy to be a part of this great movement.”

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* “When Fangio died, I was playing golf at a charity event in Great Britain. They warned me and I rushed to get a plane that could take me in such a short time. We came with Stirling Moss, and despite some annoyances due to the fog forced us to Stopping in Brazil, we arrived at the right time. Being able to be there was one of the most important moments of my life.”

* “The world recognizes him so much not only for his sporting achievements, but also and above all for his greatness, always being humble and humble. You should be proud that such a wonderful man was born in Argentina. The rest of the world feels the same.”

    Three-time world champion Stewart signed Fangio's helmet,

Three-time world champion Stewart signed Fangio’s helmet,

* “For me, Fangio was the best sprinter of all time. This race at the Nürburgring in 1957, where he beat them all on the toughest racetrack, with 147 corners per lap, is irrefutable proof. This is the man I was so proud of. With whom we have a great friendship and a great relationship. And that he has no language, because I can’t communicate in Spanish nor is he in English. Unimportant. It was so charming that it was not necessary to explain anything. He was the best man I have ever made friends with in motorsports” .

* “In 1964 I ran my first race outside the UK, in Monte Carlo, in Formula 3. I was lucky to win and the first thing I saw when I braked and took off my helmet was a hand that came to say hello. It was Fangio. I couldn’t believe it. It was Exciting time.”

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* “Many great drivers of his time and my friends died driving racing cars. Fangio neither. And neither did I. We were lucky. But no one led his sporting life in the same style. No one can get close to him. For me, he is still alive and he is Brilliant example. His spirit remains as strong as ever. Even today, in the face of uncertainties, I ask myself: “What could Fangio have done?”

Fangyun 10

* What did Fangio teach me as a pilot? To be smooth in driving. I never exaggerate. And to find the best mechanics. He was a master at it too. He had the art of finding the best people and not letting them go. He chose the right people to stay with him.”

* “Along with Fangio, it will include the undisputed, historic third-place finisher, Jim Clark and Alain Prost, two contemporary pilots, perhaps most similar to Fangio, because Ayrton Senna has been more aggressive in his handling.”

*”Fangio was very smart. He went to Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, always looking for the best car to win. In that sense, Stirling Moss, who was also an exceptional driver, wanted to race in British cars. And that cost him not to win the world championship. He lacked that cunning that Fangio had in excess. Because often, controlling the mind is more important than following the command of the heart.”

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