WhatsApp will remove groups and replace them with communities

The new function, which does not have a release date yet, will allow you to organize groups and subgroups of users

November 9, 2021 · 19:42 hours

instant messaging app The WhatsApp I decided to remove the option to interact with it groups, which will be replaced by a new concept: communities, which will allow you to create a tree of groups and subgroups.

In this way, the new function – which has no final release date – will be a tool for organizing the different communities within a generic community. For example, a company will be able to create a community for all its employees, with the possibility of assigning a community with a low hierarchy to each office (subgroup) where the respective users will be able to interact.

The WaBetaInfo portal detailed that administrators must create a community and invite other users to join the community manually or through an “invitation link”.

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Then, messages can be sent in this group chat and admins will have a feature to join groups related to the community.

WhatsApp will offer other tools for community admins to better manage all the groups included in the community.

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