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The cast of the new “Mean Girls” movie is full of amazing actors. Now, one of the most prominent singers and idols of recent years could be among them. Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr., directors of the musical version of the 2004 comedy, have revealed that they only had Harry Styles in mind for the role.

The directors talked about preparing the new part of the Mean Girls series in an interview published by the media Hollywood Reporter on Saturday, January 13, one day after the film was released in the United States.

Personality patterns

They explained that they realize that some jokes were successful and funny 20 years ago, but they simply wouldn't work in a movie today. However, Jin said: “There are some iconic lines that we used to joke about that there would be riots in the streets if we didn't include them. For example, 'Go, Glen Coco!' Give the people what they want. Give me what I want! But then So we said: Who is Glen Coco?

“Who could it be?” “I remember we thought, 'Can we ask Harry Styles?'” Perez admitted. “We thought Harry Styles could be Glen Coco!” Jane confirmed.

Jen then continued: “So we thought, 'Wait, we love breaking the fourth wall: What if we were all Glen Coco?' So, 20 years later, we can all feel like Glenn Coco. Spoiler alert: An editor's note from The Hollywood Reporter added that in the film, the line is delivered while looking directly into the camera.

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Release date and other details

The new film is an adaptation of the 2018 Broadway musical, which is itself based on the original 2004 film also written by Tina Fey. Using the same plot, the film follows naive Cady Heron who, after returning to the United States from Africa, joins a new public school and soon becomes involved with a group of “mean” girls.

The thing that a lot of people didn't know when going to see the movie is that this is a musical. Includes songs from the Broadway play, bringing an engaging classic to the big screen.

Cineplanet recently announced that the film will be released in theaters in Chile on February 1.

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