Went to spend a night at the hotel with the worst reviews in the UK and the result surprised everyone

Under user @georgeredfern25 In the Short video social networkA young man posted a video in which he faced the challenge of checking whether one of the lowest-rated hotels on the internet was worth it or not.

The man from Manchester ventured out to spend a night in what various netizens deemed the worst hotel to stay in the whole of the UK which was listed with just one star out of five.

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The goal of their experience was to leave a positive review that contradicted the large number of negative reviews the place had been credited with. With the aim of being able to provide a new experience Ashton ArmsHis only condition for meeting the challenge was clear: No lying.

Everything was recorded by a part in which he participated Tik Tok, where he decided to do his own review and ended up surprising netizens. “During check-in, the guy at the front desk was very nice and directed me directly to my room.”

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As for the views from his bedroom window, he celebrated that he could see a Tesco supermarket. Moreover, when inspecting the room, he decided to adopt a certain method to identify the condition of the sheets. with UV light This allowed him to see any spot, and he completed his search successfully.

The downside to your room? TV doesn't work. Determined to see things in a positive light, George celebrated by saying: “I turn on the TV and realize this The hotel helps me reduce my screen time so I can sleep better. Another star.”

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His evaluation ended when he discovered that his auxiliary cooler had wheels, so he decided on that “Take him for a walk.” This gave him “evening entertainment”, which is why he ended up giving the hotel five stars.

The investigation conducted by the young man aroused the curiosity of TikTok users and sparked controversy. The clip exceeded 996 thousand views and received more than 27 thousand likes. In the comments section, users praised that they could find positive aspects in the place with a bad reputation.

He went to spend a night in the hotel that had the worst reviews in the country and the result surprised everyone (Video: Tiktok / @georgeredfern25)

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