Felipe Sola was on an official trip to Mexico when Santiago Cafiero informed him that he was no longer an advisor

Politics can be cruel and cruel for its heroes. In Argentina, in addition, there are overtones of tragedy.

Before the scandal of resignations and changes in the cabinet, Alberto Fernandez The Summit of Heads of State of the Latin American and Caribbean Community (CELAC), which will be held on Saturday in Mexico, considered that One of his most important diplomatic acts in recent months.

and after He denied who would represent himAnd Felipe Sola When he is now your advisor I was in a trip They have not yet arrived in the Mexican capital for the meeting of presidents which was also expected A resounding defeat for Argentina. And it so happened that in a new letter, the regime of Daniel Ortega stated that there was no agreement for Nicaragua to abstain from the election of the new president of the Latin American and Caribbean Group. Thus facilitating the Argentine presidency.

Furthermore, Sola knew that he was no longer an advisor On one of many scales That the small plane of the Argentine Air Force that was transporting it had to do it until it reached its destination.

I was in the Republic of El Salvador -They said in his team- When he received a call from Santiago Cafiero. He was The former chief of staff who told him that he was no longer a minister and that he would replace him too.

Felipe Sulla upon his arrival in Mexico, where he was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, Marcelo Ebrard.

Sola, angry, Then he came down from the top to represent Argentina. He was replaced by Juan Valle, Latin American Secretary.

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The former minister has now traveled to Mexico, where there are dozens of presidents, including Cuban Miguel Diaz-Canel and Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro. He did so with his chief of staff, Guillermo Justo Chaves, and his secretary for international economic relations, Jorge Neme.

The dome of the Chancellery was in shock, although there were already moves to change the minister. After all, Sola He survived several crises because of dealing with foreign policy And many personal fights with Alberto Fernandez.

Juan Valle, Secretary of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations, represented Argentina.

Juan Valle, Secretary of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations, represented Argentina.

But this time the change was expected only after the legislative elections in November. So Sola has shown Among the most reticent in the face of the crisis Unleashed on Christina Kirchner’s order that led to the submission of Wado de Pedro’s resignation to the Ministry of the Interior, which was followed by the most loyal of Christina Kirchner.

Sola did not succumb to that wave, on the contrary, he only told the chief that his position was available, but at the same time Some decisions were rushedAmong them, to confirm their orders for diplomatic transfers abroad. They came out fast this week.

This Saturday, the president’s men were dealing with various hypotheses, which depend on the results of the November elections and the tender between Alberto Fernandez and his deputy, Cristina. One of them is that Cafiero’s passage through the Chancellery is transient And that’s after November He could be replaced by the current ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguelo. Another is the one who holds the ambassador in Brasilia, Daniel Scioli as a candidate for this position.

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But another version says that once he is installed in the State Department, Cafiero does not leave. His youth was surprising for the position that should represent the Argentine Republic abroad. However, you should not underestimate your circumstances if you surround yourself with a good team. From Fernandez’s campaign in 2019 onwards as chief of staff, Cafiero has maintained that Frequent relations with foreign embassies during the pandemic.

This Tuesday will be his first international appearance Accompanying the virtual speech that Fernandez will deliver to the United Nations. The president was going to the United Nations. He suspended his trip to New York and Mexico due to his leadership crisis with the vice president after defeat in Sunday’s primary.

The question in the ministry If he will reformulate the dome of the chancellery Starting with the final offset or no offset of who was Sola’s right hand, Chaves. A militant from the Kalaw group, Chaves is Sola’s brother-in-law Meanwhile a friend of Cafiero, but he may have to leave sooner or later as each minister builds his team.

Vice-Chancellor Pablo Titamante will also leave. Unconfirmed accounts say that from his place in Germany he was asked to send him there as ambassador to replace Pedro Villagra Delgado, who had long since subtly requested his retirement.


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