Fallout 4 player builds a pirate island in-game

Fallout 4’s creations are still amazing nearly eight years later.

Fallout 4 remains a popular pastime.

Fallout 4 has been with us for many years, however, many people are still hooked on this amazing installment. Not only do they take their time to explore or complete tasks, but they also give us real, gigantic creations. This time we come to talk to you about a Large and detailed pirate island which this player decided to build.

everyone This was done thanks to the creation tools that Fallout 4 itself offers us, a game that, as we told you before, is about to turn eight years old. It’s incredible how after so long, it’s still keeping thousands of players glued to the screen, and best of all, it offers interesting things like the Pirate Island that you can see below.

Fallout 4 continues to do wonders after almost eight years

Not surprisingly, Fallout 4 includes quite a few post-launch DLCs. Like Far Harbor, Nuka-World, or Automatron, for example, it was in the first one I mentioned to you that the title sends the player to the coast of Maine. In fact, we can say that Far Harbor is more like the Age of Pirates thanks to its sea location. However, all this was not enough for the player who decided to create his own pirate island.

Reddit user Serpels Post a picture of its creation, we can see it An island surrounded by boats and pirate themes that will make us lose our minds. But that’s not all, this user also left us a video in which we can watch a little tour of his island. If you want to see it and not lose any details of its awesome creation, let’s do it.

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As you have seen in the video that we have left you above these lines, Sirbalz’s remarkable creation does not lack details. We find a variety of areas and rooms to make our stay as comfortable as possible, pirate ships and even a small cave system. from within the island. Of course with skeletons and details that can’t be missing in a pirate theme.

Remember, Fallout 4 is available for Xbox ONE, PlayStation 4, and PC. but During the month of May, we will also be able to enjoy a new release for current generation consoles: Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. However, if you can’t wait and want to see how good Fallout looks with 4K textures, check out the link below.

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