How Apple integrated AI into the iPhone 15 with the A17 Pro chip

Apple will begin pre-sale of all iPhone 15 models on September 15, 2023 and deliver them in official stores starting on the 22nd of the same month. (Manzana)

The newly launched device includes a processor A17 Proa chip developed by Manzana With the goal of providing greater processing power to machine learning algorithms, which appear to be more intuitive than productive AI. This technology allows users to solve immediate problems and provide useful predictions without interfering.

The functions provided by the artificial intelligence developed by Apple are:

1. Sound insulation

This tool uses machine learning to recognize and focus on the cell phone owner’s voice, silencing background noise in phone calls.

2. Artificial intelligence in the camera

room iPhone 15 You will be able to do Automatic detection People, dogs or cats in the photo frame to collect deep information that later helps in turning any photo into a selfie.

Apple reviews the iPhone 15 camera features. (Apple)

3. Automatic copying of messages

This feature called Live Voicemail is designed so that people can see who is calling before they answer and so they can respond More comprehensive predictive text recommendations From the iPhone keyboard.

4. Point and speak (point and talk)

The tool, which works through a magnifying glass app, allows visually impaired users to point the camera at things that have buttons, like a microwave, and hear the phone tell them what to touch with their finger.

5. Personal voice

For people with diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that robs a person of the ability to speak, iOS 17 It will create an artificial voice similar to your own, after recording yourself reading a random string of texts for 15 minutes.

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In addition to these features found in the iPhone 15,… Apple Watch Series 9 Double-click has brought with it advances in machine learning.

This movement, which consists of grasping the index finger and thumb, as if it were a clasp, allows the smartwatch to perform basic functions such as answering a call or deactivating the alarm.

During the “Wonderlust” event, Apple announced its new smart watch with new features.

The Apple unit that works on conversational AI is called “Foundational models— which stands for “enterprise models” — consists of about 16 developers and engineers, some of whom are former Google employees, sources close to the US tech company told The Information.

The same sources indicated that Apple is investing Millions of dollars daily In developing AI-powered features, such as using simple voice commands in… iPhone To automate multi-step tasks that currently require manual completion on a company phone.

Leading the way is the company’s AI head, John Giannandrea, who was hired in 2018 to help improve the brand’s existing virtual assistant, Siri, and who reportedly expressed doubts to colleagues “about the potential benefit to the brand.” Chat bots Driven by AI language models,” The Verge reported based on this preview.

This will not be the only project for artificial intelligence In which Apple is participating, as it has also launched a unit Visual intelligencewhich is developing an image generation model, and another team is looking into multimodal AI to recognize and generate images or videos, in addition to text.

It is worth noting that at the end of July, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman commented that the American manufacturer is also working on developing a “chatbot” called Ajaxwas initially proposed for internal use with which it hoped to challenge other companies dedicated to this technology, such as Google and OpenAI.

Apple CEO Tim Cook poses with new Apple products launching this week. Reuters/Lauren Elliott

Sources contacted by The Information explained that Ajax GPT was trained with “more than 200,000 million parameters” and that it has more power than GPT 3.5, which was developed by OpenAI.

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