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Valabella He withdraws from Argentina permanently and does not even sell Online: Your platform has been unregistered E-CommerceAnd the The It was its last sales channel in the country, after reporting in April that the remaining three branches had closed.

The Chilean community reported the situation on its website The web. Inform that It is no longer possible to purchase from the page. suddenly , Users who entered the brand’s digital platform faced the following messageDear Clients. Effective Monday, May 31, Falabella.com.ar is no longer available to make purchases“.

After the announcement In social networks, inquiries have exploded from consumers who now fear that products will not reach their homes. A few days ago, Complaints from buyers not yet received multiplied. They claim the company is not responding to their allegations.

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When the company was asked about this, it preferred not to make statements and indicated the contact posted in its virtual store. “Falabella continues its commitment to each of its customers to maximize their shopping experience. We will provide support for whatever you need“, Highlights the note hanging on the page.

in the place The webAnd the A list of frequently asked questions is posted to remove doubts. According to the series, Applications that have already been submitted will follow their “normal course”. And it will be delivered on the estimated date, indicated at the time of finalizing the purchase.

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The “My Orders” section will still be enabled and consumers will be able to track their deliveries. In this section, you must manage changes and returns, as well as purchase order cancellations.. The company explained, “We continue to work so that users can enjoy their requests as quickly as possible.”

Valabella is leaving Argentina for sure

What about refunds? According to the signature All pending requests will continue to be handled “without any delay”.. He explained that “it must be taken into account only the times that the actions take to reflect, depending on the method of payment used.” Cancelled amounts will be refunded within 72 business hours, after the purchase is reversed.

In the event that personal attention is sought, Users will be able to contact customer service Owned by Valabella in Argentina, By phone at 0810-333-3252, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Those who have it Gift card Current with available balanceAnd the You must call this number.

At the same time, If the purchased device or technology device is defective During the warranty period by the manufacturer, You can directly contact Certified technical services for each of the nearly thirty brands Falabella works with, In detail on the page The web The company. between them, BGHAnd the ElectraAnd the NespressoAnd the SamsungAnd the Peabody s Felco.

Valabella lets everything flow and leave

Last April, The company, Who arrived in the country in 1993, It announced the closure of the remaining branches in the national territory and announced that it would maintain digital sales only. But now, their products cannot be sourced directly in Argentina either.

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During the summer, the sites of Mendoza, Córdoba and San Juan were reduced. The stores on Florida Street followed (In facility 202 from the pedestrian entrance), The the shopping Unicenter and Rosario Santa Fe With the consequent liquidation. Before the restrictions took effect with the return to the first stage, people lined up in long lines to take the remaining clothes.

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