Facebook Messenger has been renamed Facebook

Meta is changing course for many of its apps, one of which is Facebook Messenger, because now We’ve been able to see how the app changes its name, and Facebook Messenger is now called just Facebook. Are we facing a new meta strategy? Will Facebook put aside its messaging app? Here you have all the details.

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world, although it is not in the lead, in some Countries like the United States are more relevant and it is the app that the vast majority of users use For everyone. We also refer to Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app, as it is now called just Facebook.

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The social network is not betting on its messaging app

As we can see in the following image, in a file android phones If we search for the app via Facebook Messenger, we can see that it no longer has that name now We can only see Facebook. In the case of iOS mobiles, the app still appears as Messenger, so this is confusing for both Android and iOS users.

What future awaits the application? a priori, Facebook seems to be training with just a few users Or at least with Android users a future name change for their messaging app or what appears to be an upcoming integration with the native app. That is, perhaps In the future, Facebook Messenger as we know it now will cease to exist And it will be part of the Facebook app.

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We don’t have much information on this subject, however It looks like the Facebook Messenger app can be integrated into the Facebook appjust as in its infancy, Facebook had a conversation that we could only access from Facebook and not from Facebook’s third-party websites or apps.

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