F on the keyboard still has power, these are the functions of each

F9, F10, F11, and F12 keys on the computer. (Photo: Cepymenews)

Every user at some point was able to estimate this in a file the computer also laptopat the top of the famous keyboard Function keys (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12).

Despite its great importance, most users of Windows 11 (or others Operating systems Older people) do not know how to use it properly. If any user wants to know its purpose, Infobae brings all the information in this article

Regardless of the version of Windows used, these keys have been performing the same function for several years. It’s because of that used in Twitter he has making thread So that users know the functions of these keys, The most famous of them is “Alt + F4”, which is used to close a program or turn off the computer.

Sew on the functions of the F keys on the PC.  (Image: Twitter)
Sew on the functions of the F keys on the PC. (Image: Twitter)

Function Key Shortcuts (F)


Open the help menu.

– [Control + F1] Hide/show options menu in . format Microsoft Excel s Microsoft word.

– If F1 is pressed during use Power point, the top menu will disappear. To make it appear, you just have to press the key again.


– [Alt + Ctrl + F2] Open the document library in . format Microsoft Office.

– [Ctrl + F2] Displays a print preview in Word.

Rename a folder/file in Windows Explorer.

Edit the active cell in Microsoft Excel.

– It also works to enter the CMOS menu, but you have to press it while starting the computer or laptop.

Microsoft Office.  (Photo: Microsoft)
Microsoft Office. (Photo: Microsoft)


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– [Windows + F3] at Microsoft Outlook The advanced search option can be made to appear.

– [Mayúsculas + F3] Allows changing the letter case in Word, between uppercase and lowercase.

Opens the search function in Windows Explorer.

– Open the search function in fire fox s Google Chrome.

– If used google docs To write documents, by pressing F3 you can search for a word in the text.


– [Alt + F4] close the window.

– [Control + F4] Close any program.

Places the cursor in the address bar of the browser

– By pressing F4 only, the windows address window will open.


– Refresh your browser Internet or folder.

– Start a slide show in PowerPoint.

– [Ctrl + F5] update web browseras well as clearing the cache.

Open Find and Replace in Microsoft Office.


– Flip pages in split screen in Microsoft Word.

– [Ctrl + Mayúsculas + F6] It allows you to easily switch between Word documents.

Microsoft word.  (Watch how it's done)
Microsoft word. (Watch how it’s done)


– [Alt + F7] Checks spelling and grammar in Microsoft Word.

– [Mayúsculas + F7] Open the thesaurus in Microsoft Word.


In Excel, enable Extended Mode.

Enter Windows Safe Mode.


– Send and receive emails in some mail managers.

– [Ctrl + F9] Enter the blank fields in Word.

With the F9 key in Gmail, you can receive and send email messages.  (Image: hypertext)
With the F9 key in Gmail, you can receive and send email messages. (Image: hypertext)


Mark the active window elements.

– [Ctrl + F10] Maximizes the window in Word.

– [Mayúsculas + F10] It does the same thing as right-clicking.


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– Exits and enters “full screen” mode.

– [Mayúsculas + F11] Add a new spreadsheet in Excel.


Open “Save As” in Word.

– [Mayúsculas + F12] Save the Word document.

– [Ctrl + F12] Open a Word document.

– [Ctrl + Mayúsculas + F12] print word document

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