Expo Pioneros indicates increased efficiency of livestock

After two years of postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, today the third edition of Expo Pioneros begins in the center of Chaco. The organization has a good business climate with the participation of more than 200 local and international exhibitors.

There are four field days, technology, products, equipment, services and training that offer alternatives to achieve efficient production that contributes to increasing the income of producers.

The event coordinator, Luis Bonito, commented that there are exhibitors from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Europe, as well as brands that already have representation in the country.

In terms of animal participation, it is estimated that there are more than 420 specimens on the track, a sector that will also be responsible for the implementation of the Brahman National Gallery.

Although the fair is just celebrating its third edition, it is considered the most important platform for business, training and technology in South America Gran Chaco. According to Bonito, in this stage of complete economic recovery, a good business climate is seen where farmers will have access to promotions in machinery, products and supplies.

The Plaza de la Tecnología is located between Loma Plata and Philadelphia, in the center of Chaco, where the tools for delicate livestock are available, considering the advantage of integrating agriculture with livestock production.

Wednesday’s program includes the commencement of oath to animals, proof of pasture harvesting, extraction of forage silos, mixers, and heavy machinery, while the training division focuses on managing profitability of the farming facility with data, and on the other hand, intensifying animal production through innovation and technology.

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There is more to share by Mariano
Breeders of the Brangus Breeders Association of Paraguay are more interested in participating in the International Livestock Fair, which takes place within the framework of the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo.
According to the head of the guild, Guillermo Sisul, bull registration has almost tripled, while more than 400 animals have been registered for the event. However, in the case of animals with free pasture, they still have to be assessed by the union, while cows with muzzles are checked by the Rural Association of Paraguay (ARP).
exercise. Brangus launched its first Live the Experience conference yesterday, where it intends to showcase successful examples of domestic and international livestock. The activity will take place on June 27 in the auditorium of the ARP. Talks address the control of brucellosis, controlled reproduction, and the effects of applying genetics to efficiency and meatiness.
The cost of registration varies between G. 500,000 and G. 800,000 depending on the category of participants.

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