Everything Netflix collects from you, why you use it, and how you can stop it from doing it

In this technological age, almost any app or page collects information about us when we access it, creating ads that they consider more in line with what they have collected about our tastes.

This is something that also applies to streaming services like Netflix where, based on what you’ve watched (or stopped watching), it makes a list of recommendations that is generally quite accurate.

It is common knowledge that Netflix collects information about us and our tastes, but are you aware of how much information the platform has about you and how it is used? (Read in the voice of Gloria Serra.)

Today, in the investigation team… Digoooo, at Hobby Consoles, we detail Everything Netflix collects from you, why you use it, and how you can stop it from doing it.

Everything Netflix knows about you

According to its privacy policy, Netflix collects data including device identifiers, geographic location, browser type, and details provided by the user for registration.Such as your email address and payment information.

If you use Netflix in your browser, cookies and web beacons may be used to collect information about your interests.

This is still the case when using a tablet, smartphone, or streaming device via device identifiers.

On the other hand, as mentioned before, Netflix also knows the viewing habits of each of its users.

This type of data is necessary for the personalization that the platform is proud of, and personalized recommendations, which are based on what other people with similar tastes to yours have watched on Netflix.

So, if you are among the many who make me happy squid game (which has become the most watched series in Netflix history), the platform will definitely recommend you Alice in Borderland, a Japanese series of Battle Royale style, which, oddly enough, returned to be among the most watched series on Netflix after the premiere of Squid Game.

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This is all done through specialized personalization algorithms, which are fed with data about what movies and TV each user watches and how they interact with the service.

however, Netflix says the recommendation system does not take into account demographic information, such as age or gender, as part of its decision-making process.

To better understand Netflix data collection, an editor should wired Kate O’Flaherty sent a request to Netflix for all the information it had about her (something anyone can do by accessing Netflix settings and entering the section Download your personal data).

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In the writer’s case, all data collected by Netflix goes back to 2015, detailing the woman living in the UK and specifying in which particular region, as well as all the devices she was using the platform on.

Not only that but, By sharing an account with other profiles, Netflix can infer what kind of person lives in your house (Or if it belongs to another household, thus, they use a joint account).

Thus, by sharing a Netflix account with your partner, roommate or family member, both of you will be able to see what the other is watching. Sharing passwords also allows others to access all of your account information.

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Also, if someone requests to download your data, they can get your information, but they can’t ask Netflix for a copy of your private data unless your profile is connected to a separate email address.

“Broadcasting content online is increasingly dependent on gathering a wealth of data about yourself.”Pat Walsh, a privacy and data protection consultant who investigated Netflix data usage.

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Every data point says something about you.he added. “In addition to making recommendations, Netflix can use this data to understand things like where most customers stop watching so it can improve it next time.”.

So how does Netflix use your data beyond content recommendations?

According to its privacy policy, Data can be shared between partners and suppliersSuch as Internet or TV service provider, media streaming device providers, mobile operators, and voice assistant platform providers.

On the other hand, Netflix guarantees in its privacy policy that it does not sell advertisements or member information or engage in third party advertisements.

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However, while Netflix uses your data to give you a good experience, “It is not known what others are using it for”said Rowena Fielding, founder and director of privacy consultancy Miss IG Geek.

According to her, she says so Netflix’s privacy notice is ‘very good’ compared to many other online services, But it believes it lacks sufficient details about the data used, for what purposes, and how.

“This means that data subjects cannot determine which of their rights apply to the data and processing. It is a particular concern regarding the use of third-party services for tracking, profiling and targeting of content, which poses a significant privacy risk”added.

“Unless it’s clear and transparent that they’re not doing something, there’s a good chance that they are.”said Emily Overton, CEO of data protection consultancy RMGirl.

“Collect data that you cannot opt ​​out of; use that data to drive marketing where consent allows for more data; and sell the data they collect to advertising agencies.”he added.

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Since there is a lot of data that Netflix collects about us, What can we do to prevent it? Well, nothing, since there is no way to deactivate personalization on Netflix.

“There is very limited scope to restrict the collection of information about devices, communications, or activities that are collected by default.”Will Richmond Coogan, privacy and technology specialist at law firm Freeths LLP.

“People will have to see if they feel comfortable sharing this information with Netflix, but a lot of it is fed through the core functions of the platform.”, pointed out.

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however, There are some options you can enable in your account settings to increase your privacy.

If you go to the department Adjust From your account and access “Participate in Exams”You can choose to deactivate the functionality that, according to it, “allows you to “improve the experience on the platform and see potential changes before the rest of your Netflix subscribers.”

Also, if you are watching Netflix in a browser, you can use blockers and delete cookies to prevent too much information from being collected about you.

This, in general, Everything Netflix collects from you, why you use it, and how you can stop it from doing it. As you can see, there are not a lot of options to restrict access to your data and a large part of the information will always creep in.

And therefore, Ultimately, the decision is whether you feel comfortable giving your data to Netflix and whether it’s worth using the service Now that its prices have risen again in SpainAlthough the competition isn’t much better than Netflix in terms of its users’ data usage…

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