Strengthening medical care in the town of Salado

Tenugasta – This morning the Mayor of Tenugasta, Sebastian Noblega, accompanied by the Head of Program Area No. 10, Dr. Danessa Cordoba, SeySam Director Viviana Castro and Director of Social Development Lic. Salado Mini Hospital, where they placed the new medical specialist that will be added to the care.

Dr. Anahi Villegas is a young doctor from Tenugastinia who graduated from the University of La Rioja (UNLAR), which from next week will start attending patients with scheduled shifts, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“We know there is a population that requires doctors, and today we start planning care, we will see first of all the diseases of the population, the needs of the area to be covered,” Villegas said.

In this regard, Danisa Córdoba has specified that Villegas will offer their services in Salado twice a week, “which will be rotated with the rest of the professionals we have interest in in the jurisdiction, and will be with scheduled shifts, the day before.”

“We are trying to solve the problem and integrate more staff into the weekly service that the hospital provides, and the important thing is that we can reach people at least twice a week.”

It should be noted that the municipality, through SeySam Mobile, complements the sponsorship with the “Healthier Health” program.Which, with its various specializations, covers all jurisdictions and monitors patients, and the care is periodically repeated in a coordinated manner in the localities to give continuity of treatment. In addition, more people can access the primary health care service free of charge for all those who do not have coverage from social work.

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Great demand for dental services

Mayor Sebastian Noblega was present at the dental care operation at the Boca Sana municipality program in Salado, and will move to Copacabana tomorrow, Saturday.

The mayor spoke with the program coordinator, dentist Antonella Melnik, and confirmed that the service started very early with a history of shifts, “We have 40 patients registered for each site, along with dentist Alejandro Cano and the assistant team, let’s go and do a day A marathon to efficiently reach all the people who are waiting for your consultation.”

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