Europe begins the discussion of compulsory vaccination: from the decree in Italy to the debate in Germany

In recent weeks, cases COVID-19 Because of the high rotation of the variable Omicron In the world, they worry the health authorities. Among the main problems they point out Europe These are the large percentages of the population They were not vaccinated or had the will to do so.

For this reason, some countries, in addition to health permits, have imposed or begun to assess the possibility of this Its application is mandatory.

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In Italy Vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory for people over 50 years old

the new breed Omicron He has set off all alarms in the collapsing European health systems. In the face of this, some countries have begun to take action. From now on, anyone over 50 years old in which he lives Italia You must be vaccinated against the coronavirus according to the new and strict regulations put in place by the government.

This measure was introduced amid an increase in cases in the country, which was one of the most hit hard in 2020.

COVID-19 cases have increased dramatically. (AP Photo/Jeremias Gonzalez, file)

Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in a statement issued Wednesday, justified the move. “We want to stop the growth curve of infection and push Italians who have not yet been vaccinated to do so,” he said. “We work specifically in age groups More at risk of hospitalization To reduce pressure on hospitals and save lives.

Draghi argued that the new measure, effective immediately and Until June 15It is essential to “maintain the proper running of hospitals” and, at the same time, to keep schools and businesses open.

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Vaccination was already mandatory in Italy for Teachers, doctors and police and other essential workers.

COVID-19: The debate in Germany and France over the mandatory nature of a vaccine

At the same time France, where the situation was also complicated, lawmakers in the French House of Representatives approved the controversial invoice to Convert your current health card into a vaccination permit.

If it’s approved – at the moment it has half a penalty and is waiting to be processed in the Senate – Everyone over 12 years old They must present their full vaccination certificate to use public transportation, participate in certain activities, and enter restaurants, bars, cafes, and gyms, among other public places.

Swabs grew during the European winter.  (Photo: AP/Luca Bruno).
Swabs grew during the European winter. (Photo: AP/Luca Bruno).

This will remove the option to be able to display a negative test result instead.

The French initiative is very similar to 2G base (get well s to feed, or recovered and vaccinated) that already applies GermanyNon-vaccinated persons are not allowed to enter Restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas and any closed place entertainment or leisure.

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In Germany, the Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, is promoting mandatory vaccination because omicron infection “does not necessarily immunize against the next type”.

In an interview with the newspaper, the minister warned that “the belief that the Omicron formula is the end of the epidemic is naive.” the scientist. “No one can guarantee that it will not turn into a much more dangerous formula,” he cautioned.

Lauterbach was convinced that Compulsory vaccination will help better protect the population, although there will be people who will stay outside and not be vaccinated.

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In first Germany Parliamentary debate on mandatory vaccination will not take place until the last week of January, instead of beginning the year as originally planned.

However, Chancellor Olaf Schulz and Health Minister Lauterbach want to complete the legislative process “in the first quarter of the year”, without specifying when the new law will enter into force.

COVID-19 in Europe: in which countries vaccination is already mandatory

in this context, Austria Announce plans to make vaccination compulsory for those above 14 years Starting next month, while those over the age of 60 Greece They will also need to be vaccinated from January 16th.

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