Esteban Ocon’s extremely dangerous rear wing at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix

How does the rear wing move? by Esteban OconAt the end of Canadian Grand Prix. How do you swing how did that happen? Lando Norris Before fear, before choice, this element of AlpsI fell out of the French driver’s car. Yes, it could have happened, but nonetheless What was seen on the cameras Nothing has been done towards the race.

He’s done nothing more than O’Conn seemed to do, at every turn About to lose half a car And leave more than one colossal piece on the path of Gilles Villeneuve. Everything, Norris succeeded him. everyone, in battle With a McLaren driver.

Yes, everything is in tension. Put the Alps “in the red” in order an effort To maintain English after him. It did, but apparently that rear spoiler eventually caught the attention of the FIA. maleRight, and look what was in there.

In the Alps, very quiet

Because it gave a feeling that something was broken. Because that spoiler moved like a piece of paper in the wind. Just because Alonso in the United States It was dangerous and for that reason the person who was involved got involved, it was even more serious. Because potholes, lots of potholes, Canadians can left touched Ocon rear spoiler.

In the Alps, calm down. “We’ve talked about it. We asked the FIAHe told us he seemed to move around a lot and we talked about it. We were sure that everything was fine,” says Otmar Safnauer.

He continues: “What if it makes us lose time? It could be, we look at it with aerodynamic data and They told us it was nothing important.

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In this sense, and despite the fact that the problem was noted, the FIA did not check Nothing about the Ocon in terms of aerodynamics.

It didn’t do well for Norris to get past Ocon, where he got Punishment To go slow, very slow, in the “safety car” period.

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