Education Awarded Over $75 Million in Scientific Research Projects – Salta

The province of Salta received approval for donations in the amount of $75,463,393 for 16 new projects related to scientific and technological research and to update the amounts of scientific initiatives from previous years.

Salta was awarded $58,127,832 for university and scientific institution projects through the FONCYT (Fund for Scientific and Technological Research) PICT 2021 tool.

Correspondingly, with regard to the concept of updating the amounts of the Scientific and Technological Research Fund, contributions in the amount of $17,335,561 were approved.

For this government, the decision to invest in science and technology is a priority, even in the context of difficulties. We are doing this to have a more inclusive, federal and sovereign development model. The agency’s actions are an effective way to achieve this,” said the nation’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Daniel Filmos.

Provincial Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Matthias CanepaHe emphasized, “This award for financing science and technology projects is very important for the development of the province. From Salta, we also understand that it is a priority for the federation of science and technology to strengthen, in this way, the productive social order. I thank the nation, through Minister Vilmos, for the vision and commitment to advancing science and technology with a federal vision.”

For his part, the head of the agency said, Fernando PieranoHe noted, “This award confirms the full recovery of the agency, which has led to an increase in the volume of projects, increased funds, and has been able to implement organizational changes” and concluded: “We have a broader and stronger promotion system compared to the initial situation of the administration, even if it is compared to the past decade.”

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a glass of milk

The Copa de Lecce Directorate reports, within the framework of the Coordination of Communication and Political Relations of the Government, that today the Cup of Milk will be launched at 10:30 am at the 2 de Mayo Ara General Belgrano Cruise School of the Solidarity neighborhood.

The distribution began for the first time simultaneously with the start of the 2023 academic year, on Monday, February 27, in public schools in the capital, Salta.

In previous years, the milk cup has been distributed from the registration confirmation of various institutions.

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