Economy: Televisa and Aeroméxico encourage foreign direct investment in Mexico

In the First half of 2022 27 thousand 511.6 million dollars were initially recorded in foreign direct investment (direct foreign investment), in MexicoAn increase of 24.5% compared to the revised figures for the same period last year This is the highest level recorded by the index since 2013.

In a statement, the Ministry of Economy (SE) confirmed that this was due to unusual moves related to the merger of Televisa with Univisión and the restructuring of Air Mexicowhich together represent 6 thousand and 875 million dollars of foreign capital.

Without thinking about the aforementioned moves, in the first half of 2022, foreign direct investment in the country had only increased by 12 percent.

Preliminary figures available so far indicate that in the period from January to June 2022, 27,511.6 million dollars were recorded.They explained that the net difference result of 33 thousand and 510 million were inflows and 5 thousand and 998.4 million were output.

This money that arrived between January and June 2022 came from 2,376 companies with foreign capital, 2,649 trust contracts, and 16 foreign legal entities.

by type investment (Source of Funding) The amount was divided as follows:

  • 43% new investment
  • Dividend reinvestment at 42.4 percent, and
  • Intercompany accounts, up 14.6 percent.

By sector, manufacturing weight was 34.3 percent; Transportation 16.3 percent and information in the media 14.2 percent. financial and insurance services, 13 percent; trade 6.1 percent; Mining is 4.7%. The remaining sectors accounted for 11.4 percent.

By country of origin, first United State, 39.9 percent followed by Canada 10.3 percent Spain, 6.8 percent; Argentina 5.9 percent; United kingdomand 3.3 percent and Germany2.6 percent.

“As usual with this statistic, the data will be adjusted when there is more information about operations in that period. FDI figures were jointly reviewed by the Ministry of Economy and the Bank of Mexico The government made it clear that it would be incorporated into the latter’s balance of payments report.

If we review data for the second quarter of 2022 only, $7,204 million arrived in the country, a 21 percent increase over the same period last year and the largest increase since 2018.

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