Does Messi speak English? Stunning AI-produced video and details that you – and so should – should pay attention to

appearance artificial intelligence It has opened new creative barriers for Internet users who have learned to use it perfectly. Although the majority use it to dismiss problems, others tend to give it a nice context. In this sense, a video of Lionel Messi Speak English thanks Amnesty International. And one detail does not go unnoticed.

The Argentine currently resides in United StateAnd he’s done that before France He won dozens of awards in English-speaking countries. Despite this situation, Leo refuses to speak a language other than Spanish in Rosario’s version despite being away from his hometown for many years.

The moment he walked away Barcelona And many clubs in Premier League They tempt him, and he takes it upon himself to say that language can be an uncomfortable obstacle to overcome, although he explains that he is studying it for some emergency. However, technology can do anything, and at this time video of the ship’s captain Scalonetta He speaks as if he was born in United kingdom also north america.

What is the subject of Lionel Messi’s video?

The last time Jolene Alvarez It has been in the news because of the impressive tutor he had to learn the native language of the league he plays in. What happened with Messi is completely different, considering that it is a program capable of taking his voice and making him speak another language, with perfect diction and preserving the original timbre.

However, netizens started discussing as soon as the video was broadcast. the reason? He is unable to maintain the tone (at the moment he makes a rather monotone sound) and when he sees the lips do not move in tandem with his statement Inter Miami. Anyway, it’s still impressive..

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The video in question has been published @jaffernandez in Twitterwho also conducted a test using a video clip featuring him President Alberto Fernandez He has been speaking Italian ever since Antarctica. Either way we are HeyGenan online platform that allows you to create a voice of someone speaking another language.

HeyGen is not the only tool available: as we say in this note, there is another similar tool, your headThis allows this dubbing to be achieved using artificial intelligence, while preserving the voice of each person in the video and allowing them to “speak” in a language they do not speak.

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