Doctors are protesting again in a big way in the UK

It would become the longest-running union action in the history of the NHS.

Workers from all walks of life continue to protest for better work in the UK. In the past few hours, doctors have announced that they will return to protest on British soil in a strike that promises to be historic, because it will last five days, thus becoming the longest union action in the history of the National Health Service. The demonstration will begin on the thirteenth of next month, and it is expected that the entire health system will collapse, with the cancellation of major operations and shifts.

Since last year, the United Kingdom has been very disturbed by these demonstrations, which monopolized each time more workers, who seek better wages in the face of the increase in the rate of inflation. Returning to this aspect of the health space, those with up to eight years of experience in hospitals or three years in general practice will participate. This will thus be the fourth strike by doctors so far in 2023. The British Medical Association is calling for a “full restoration” of wages, which have fallen by 26%, according to their estimates. On the government side, the authorities offered only a 5% increase.

“We are announcing the longest single strike in the history of the NHS, but it is not a record we would like to set. Until now, the government could block our action if it sat down to negotiate an offer,” Robert Lawrenson and Vivek Trivedi, co-chairs of the British Medical Association’s Junior Doctors Committee, said in a statement. Trusted to restore wages.”With 7.4 million people on waiting lists for surgeries and treatment, 8,500 medical staff vacancies in hospitals, and doctors tempted by foreign governments to offer a decent wage of £14 an hour, it is a shame that the government would allow the NHS to serve,” they added. According to local media, many doctors have already left the territory to go to Australia, which has resulted in a better income.

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