Canada will take off a military plane in Japan to monitor North Korea’s Grupo Milenio

Canada It announced on Thursday that it will publish a military plane In Japan to support the implementation of Security Council sanctions on United nations against north korea.

Plane spread CP-140 dawn Canadian Minister of Defense announced for the Royal Canadian Air Force, Anita Anand.

Canadian Minister of National Defense Anita Anand. (Reuters)

For about six weeks, it was a program CP-140 Aurora will monitor suspicious activities Evasion of maritime sanctions, in particular the transfers of fuel and other products banned By the Security Council, according to the Canadian government.

north korea was under sanctions United nations Since 2006 because of him Ballistic and nuclear missile programmes.

In late March, state media reported on north korea Reported that the country has tested a new underwater attack drone capable of carrying a nuclear chargewhile cd Kim Jong Un He warned of the need to stop joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (AP)

China and Russia He also blamed joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea Pyongyang’s provocation.

within, Washington accused Beijing and Moscow To give North Korea more power by protecting it from further sanctions.

North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. (AP)

In the past few years, the Security Council has been divided over it How to deal with Pyongyang.

Russia and ChinaThis is what the veto powers said along with the United States, Britain and France Sanctions will not help And they want to ease those measures.


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