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In addition to the tourism offer, The United States has positioned itself as one of the most attractive destinations for foreigners Thanks to the education and employment opportunities it provides.

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In the latter case, many of those who aspire to come to this country, whether they hold a professional degree or not, venture out to work in corporate jobs. However, what perhaps no one notices is that to carry out these tasks legally and temporarily, a special visa is usually needed: H-2B.

The H-2B visa applies to temporary non-agricultural workers and allows U.S. employers or recruitment agents, who meet certain specific regulatory requirements, to Bringing foreigners to a North American country to fill positions that fall within this category for a specified period of time.

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To obtain this type of document The applicant must fill out a Nonimmigrant Worker Petition (Form I-129). In addition, the applicant must prove this “There are not enough American workers who are able, willing, available and qualified to do temporary work.”

Additionally, keep in mind that an employer need is considered temporary if it occurs only once, is seasonal, is claimed as a peak load need, or is an intermittent need.

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Jobs that typically require foreign labor include equipment and machinery operators; Construction and repair workers. drivers; Packaging and general services.

Regarding timeliness, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services indicated this Residency for eligible positions can be extended for up to one year each.

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If an extension of the deadline is required, this request must be accompanied by a valid, new temporary employment certificate.

It should be noted that there is a legal cap on the number of individuals who can obtain an H-2B visa or obtain H-2B nonimmigrant designation during a fiscal year. Currently, this “maximum” is 66,000 (33,000 correspond to workers who start work between October 1 and March 31; while the remainder correspond to those who start work between April 1 and September 30).


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