Divers capture on video the legendary paddlefish, known to announce earthquakes and tsunamis | Shortly before the earthquake occurred in Alaska

A group of divers managed Capturing a copy of the mysterious paddlefish on videoKnown as a Japanese legend and the widespread belief that its appearance portends natural phenomena such as earthquakes or tsunamis.

The discovery, off the northeastern coast of Taiwan, occurred the same week it did 7.2 magnitude earthquake He shook the Alaska Peninsula, in the United States, and for a brief period of time shot a Tsunami warning.

It is very rare to see this paddlefish in surface waters because these specimens – which can reach five meters in length – They live in the depths of the oceans.less than two thousand meters.

“It is known that before these phenomena, changes in the environment occur, such as small earthquakes, changes in the composition of gases in the atmosphere, the concentration of certain substances in the water, among others. There are some animals that have the ability to perceive these changes, especially fishexplained to Página|12 Argentine biologist Andrés Brescia.

The paddlefish seen this week by diver Wang Chengru’s measurements two meters in length It has round scars on one side, apparently from a shark bite.

What is paddlefish

Bad omen fish Known in Japanese as Ryugu no tsukai, which translates as “messenger of the sea god’s palace”. In Japanese territory, if a large number of saberfish go to the beaches, so are they earthquake or tsunami sign. The Japanese, according to the legend of Namaz, think so Whoever finds it is cursed.

Known to science as the giant paddlefish (Regalecus glesne), Also called king herring, it is a species that lives in deep watersat a depth of less than a thousand meters, so it is not so common to find it.

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It is considered One of the longest bony fish, reaching 11 meters in length. However, unconfirmed specimens of up to 17 meters have been reported. The main feature is that It is ribbon-shaped and has small fins.. At the same time, It can weigh about 200 kilograms.

In addition to being thin and flat, the paddle They have small mouths, with jagged little jaws. They do not have scales and their skin is slimy and silvery. It feeds on small fish and squid.. They come to the surface when they are sick or dying. They can also do this to reproduce.

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