Disruption: The technique Naranjo used to approve Pinera’s impeachment | The Chilean MP succeeded in collecting the votes needed for the initiative to move forward

The technology he uses Representative Jaime Naranjo NS Sebastian Pinera’s impeachment trial approved Known in Chile as the “Lazarus Law”, although it is commonly called in the world Parliamentary disruption. The measure, which has been in use for many years, was posted by Naranjo for 14 hours to allow Representative Giorgio Jackson to end his COVID-19 quarantine and for Christian Democrat Jorge Sabag to travel 500 km to reach Congress from the south. Chillan, in Valparaiso. What the Chilean opposition was looking for was to delay the time and get the votes needed for the trial in the Senate.

In countries such as the United States, “stallers” use this legal practice in the opposite direction to that used by Naranjo, that is, in order to obstruct voting. This is a very common procedure in that country where a senator, in the middle of a legislative debate, can speak without interruption for as long as he wants unless 60 percent of his colleagues decide to end the debate. Through this system, The parliamentarian can postpone the deadline for voting, and finally stop the initiative of his opponents in the House. Status: Under no circumstances can you leave the platform, not even go to the bathroom. You have to stand all the time because if you sit down, you lose your turn.

Historical examples abound: In 1957Republican Senator Strom Thurmond resorted to this legislation for Preventing the passage of the Civil Rights Act, thus opposing the end of the apartheid system in the United States. Also a TED Republican Cruz spent up to 21 straight hours speaking out in 2013 against the former president’s health program Barack Obama. And in 2010 he was a Democrat Bernie Sanders Spent eight and a half hours They criticize the tax breaks granted to the wealthy under Bush. His speech was so famous that it was published on paper up to 288 pages.

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